Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bad bye :(

Bad bye :(
Chemistry shows us that bonds are broken all the time. Through some external force all bonds can be broken.
In the past week 2 of my best friends for the last, well shit, like 7 or 8 years have left.
Sad to see them go. And tho i have other friends i cant help but feel kind of alone. With the departure of ric fox, lung, and KK i have lost a majority of the people who have shaped my life and helped pave my path through their support and friendship.
I raise my glass alone.
Cheers and may good things lay on the journey in front of you.

Monday, May 29, 2006

2 am?!?

Yes... the time reads 2am, but i am not up because i am a nerd... i just passed out shortly after dinner and am now wide awake.

Anyhow on fri night t bone was house sitting so he threw down... P A R T Y? because its someone elses house!!!

dont get your panties in a bundle tho... he def had permission.. shit the owners even provided a 6 pack to get things started haha.

Anyhow it was a pretty small gathering, but after some kings cup and some quarters it didnt matter that there were just a few of us. Dancing in the kitchen to 107.5 wearing kids hats and a big pair of hollywood glasses.

The new of the night... kings cup rule when you get to add one... add 'in your pants' after everything you say... laughs will ensue.

Anyhow, i guess everyone cept me got a big drink on, cuz everyone seemed a lil hung over the next morning. F'in <>'s.... in your pants.

I will update the log twice a week or more. Kinda hard and even more nerdy now because now i actualy need to take time to write it.. not just fill up bus time. Traffic sucks.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Been a while... How much choice do we really have?

No posts for a while because there has been no bus ride! because im working 12 hours a day!
Not that i'm complaining tho... cuz i love what i do... just wish there were like 5 more hours in a day so i could do things outside of work.

Anyway... quick update on the "I" experiment... it was pretty much a flop and a half. You start sounding like you're talking in third person or something... You stop using pronouns all together.

Todays random rant is. How much choice do we realy have... i mean really... Are we limited?

Like a kid whos parents are like 5-5 and scrawny with a bunch of freckles and red hair... prob not going to be a male model in the future.

Take a kid like me... Smart and scrawny kid who had an interest in computers. Is it any surprise that i ended up a data analyst? I'm more surprised that I didnt end up in a cubicle (thank the lord!)

The more intreguing question to me is have i reached my peak athletically? Have i reached the limit to hw fast i can swim or how much i can lift.. etc. I'm pretty sure no, but is there a limit?
I think thats one reason i keep swimming even now that I hafto pay for it... i always wonder.. can i be faster? Will i ever reach my limit? Cuz theoretically in athletics for the most part size/body build basically determines success/limits/positions tho some people.

When i was born could someone have told me I would likley be working in a cubicle and average at any sport I play? I guess its kind of like gataca.

Anyway i just hit a patch of sadness... cuz it appears i dont have a day off between both my jobs until august 5th..... yikes... wish me luck

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ultimate 'I' Test

Ultimate 'I' Test
Fact: People everywhere are pretty ego centric. There are so many words to talk about ones self that they fill a large part of their 10k word mind bank with these. People love to talk about themselves.

Experiment: Using today as a control, I will try to monitor use of these 'i words'. Then next week will attempt to reduce use of the words completely.

Will people notice?
Will i stop talking completely?
Is it possible to go a day without i words while holding lots of dialogue?
Am i completely insane?

I count = 3...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Plastic lies.

Plastic lies.
One thing i noticed in fla this trip and ca in the past was that people on the coast seem to be damn hot.
You know the description... Just look at tv, magazines, etc. And its cool to look at all these tan ladies with nice beach bodies, but after a while its just kind of bleh. All these plastic people look the same... The 40 year old 'milf's look just like the 18 year old jail bait. Its kind of sad that beauty is so commercial.
What used to be in the eye of the beholder is now in the eyes of the beholded. So much of what we are exposed to prays on our fears and inadequedcies. Cosmetic surgery, clothes, name brands, drugs, alcohol... Lots of this stuff is just compensating where we feel we dont match what is popular.
Not really a groundbreaking new thought, but something that passed through my mind... And i know i am very guilty of contribuing to these plastic lies.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day one is a gay one :(

Day one is a gay one :(
So day one ended up being a big flopper. While my times were in good range of my best times i was very disappointed... I was no where close to where i had hoped to be. I ended up being bored a large part of the day and did not really meet anyone new... Or really try i guess. I almost bought a 100 swim suit... One like the pros use, but i resisted the temptation... That suit is harder to get on then the race it would be used for is to swim!
Anyhow. I was going to meet colorado at dinner but the restaurant was nowhere to be found! I drove around for a while, but was so hungry and frustrated i ate @ tgif.
I did do something cool (to me) at the meet. I went to a swim clinic hosted by 2 gold medalist swimmers. This got me pretty psyched about the summer season and got me thinking how i want to do things for workouts.
After i swim 22 some in the 50 today i can booze! If i go in the 22s i will consider this trip a success... Sad to come all this way to swim for 22 seconds eh? But that has been my focus all season... Lets make it happen!

8 bucks for some razors?

8 bucks for some razors?
Yay today is a good day, i am flying to fla and got informed that i get to have no summer at all! (Meaning i will be coaching the seals). Anyhow today started with a lil swim then a trip to the store. I purchased a 4 pack of blades for my razor and it was 8 bucks! The biggest rip ever! My legs better have no skin left on them for that cost... And yes i decided to shave them.
I also got word that my sis is comin home for a visit! Yay!

It took the rental company years to process my transaction. Said my license did not exist, but i ended up with a car :).
Then the mapquest highway was closed! Cuz of an accident... To i sat in traffic for 30 min got off and managed to find my way to the hotel. Asked for directions @ a gas station 1 light away! They laughed at me lol.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The interview?

The interview? No pic today... Anyway yesterday i had my interview for asst swim coach for the city. I figured out that this was my 4th time interviewing for the team... How ridic is that? I only coached for 3 years!
Anyway i decided to try this again even tho i am still pretty bitter about last years snub.
Going into the interview i couldn't help but think that the interview was a waste of time... Everyone knows me, and i am sure they have solid pre-formed opinions about me no matter what i said it would be hard to sway those opinions. It was hard for me to believe that even before i walked in the door they hadn't already decided if they were going to hire me or just interview me because they knew that they had to.
I guess ultimateley i am in a win win tho... Either i get hired and get to do something i enjoy or i dont get hired and i get a life... Cuz it looks like my sched may be 6am-7pm m-th for like 2 months... Joy of all joys :).

The sperm bank

The sperm bank
The pic... You can kind of see it, but thats what thousands of marching mexicans look like from the second story.
Nothing to do with mexicans or the immigration debate... But how do you think sperm banks operate?
I remember once at the rec we wondered this question.
We decided some important questions that we should ask
How much do you get paid?
How often can you do it?
Can you bring a friend... To help you?
I think this is where we ended, but i thought of a few more...
Are there minimum requirements? Like if i am too ugly or dumb can i be rejected?
I think this is a good one.
Are you paid more for quantity or quality?
You might want lot of sperm, but what if the boys aren't very fertile or mobile?
Some administrative things. How do they decide what to keep there? Do they keep track of what is doing 'it' for most people?
How often are there rooms cleaned?
Do they get rid of a 'visual aid' after use?
Anyway that was pretty odd... Even for me. Off to family bbq.
Thanks for the random sms commie and KK.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Fighting for the avg guy.

Fighting for the avg guy.
Everyone is so quick to label people or things. Say for example... Me.
I get a lot of lip about the way i dress... And from this i feel people get a certain impression of me, which i feel is a bit unfair to them.
So ok i dress like i give a shit and i manage to style my hair more days then not. People these days are quick to jump on the 'metro-sexual' band wagon based upon the above principals. However this category does not apply to any make who dresses like they give a shit. Is that very odd? Should that imply that i am very similar to a homosexual man? I dont think so. In fact... I would say that all this metro stuff is a bunch of hype.
Sorry to disappoint everyone, but i am a slob... As you can tell my room looks like a mental defect's would.
I also have some disgusting hygiene habits ie i sometimes consider my morning swim analogus to a morning shower.
My haircut freq is about every 3 months.
Other things i have many problems with what color to wear with what, i know nothing about fashion, interior design, or wine.
To kind of wrap it up... I am a regular guy... Like sports, like beer, scratch my nuts if they need it just like anyone else. Sorry if anyone may have gotten the wrong impression.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

To know ones self

To know ones self
Yesterday i had a realization of how maybe ego centric i am.
My mom was talking about family that was coming to town. She asked if i remembered them... I had no clue. She described the last time we met... Nothin. Finally she whips out the picture album... Nothin :(. I dont think i know any of my relatives, even the ones that live in state! The ones here i know names and faces, but basically nothing else.
The family in korea? With how much i know i could very well have been adopted or spawned from trees or something.
Finally i know about as much as anyone you run into on the street about my culture. Guess that is why i really am the twinkie/banana.
Does knowing this effect someones life? Would i be a different person if i was like the rest of the fam? Would i be religious like them? Would i speak the language better? Who knows...
This has also been the worst bus week in history to recap... Bus broke down one day, bus so full i had to stand, and today i had to run my ass off just to barely make it, but f it cuz todays my friday!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daily rant

So far today i've already missed waking up for swimming, and had a bus soo full that i had to stand for part of the way... whew...


Cnn reports today that Oil prices fell Wednesday after a government report said gas and oil inventories rose unexpectedly. how is it "unexpected"?
well i dont know how something like oil.. where you drill it and refine it can "uexpectedly" rise in supply did workers unexpectedly worked harder?
whats next dimonds unexpecedly fell from the sky dropping the price of the gem?

I dunno about this oil thing. It makes sense that oil companies are making record profits.. steady demand and costs for pumping/refining it and less supply = $$$. OR steady supply (tha ther provide) + steady costs to pump/refine = $$$. They have it good. They may have taken one from the diamond industry.

The price of diamonds are kept artificially high through the biggest marketing hoax that i can think of. "A Diamond Is Forever".. this tagline + artificial supply control -> high diamond prices. A contrary to belief is NOT that rare... hell we can even manufacture diamonds now!

I am not all conspiracy theory, but you never really know what these big oil companies are really doing behind the scenes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You will need to turn your head so the l

You will need to turn your head so the left to properly see the pic today. Prob something every swimmer has thought about at some point.
Anyway... As nationals approaches i am realizing some things not originally accounted for.
First of all i dont know ANYONE. This will be my first trip like this, i have always been with family or friends... I guess i have never really been alone for a long time.
Secondly is a hairy situation. Should i shave or not? Most swimmers would shave and taper for the big meet, i only did it as a team pact kind of thing... Now that i have no team... I have always beleived that it does absolutely nothing except for making you mentally feel different. Who knows...
Leftover costs... Suit, food, and transportation bleh.

Monday, May 01, 2006

disgrace to the asian race

disgrace to the asian race
So i took the gmat this weekend and my score reflects that i am a disgrace to my race. My verbal score was like the 70th percentile while my math was like 44th :(. I guess it should have been the other way around being that i am 'harold'.
Anyway i also signed up to get my own 'space'.

My rant for today is about 4 20.
So i guess campus police had a new way to crack down on 420 this year. They posted signs that the field was closed and that electrionic monitoring would be in use. Of course people didnt listen and went and lit up on the field anyway. Well apparently electronic survalence meant that they were taking photographs of people on the field. So they have now posted 150 pictures online to be identified, offering $50 per person identified. I myself browsed the site and found a familiar face, but did not turn them in.

Anyway apparently someone on the club swim team was id'd by someone. He then wrote an email to the swim team asking why $50 would be incentive for anyone to turn someone in... stating that he was a psych major and that he was curious.

My thought is that the 4 20 smokers are a joke... not only to themselves, but also to CU. If someone robbed a bank and thought it was ok because the date was 5 21 and that happens to be the police code for a robbery in progress everyone would think that person was a wack job. Oh yeah btw.. i just looked it up 420 is not even a police code for anything!.. much less for jane.

I am a supporter of the legalization of the green... mostly cuz i think the reasons it was outlawed in the firstplace were BS (see "grass" if you want to know more), but people who smoke on 4 20 are idiots. They should smoke @ home like they do every other day. If someone goes out and smokes on 4 20 they should def NOT be angry if they get caught. If they are mad about getting action taken against them they should ponder how they ever got to college in the first place. The fact is that SMOKING IS ILLEGAL... if you cant stand the heat in the kitchen get the f' out (or dont go in to begin with). We're all of age to be adults, be prepared to face consequinces for the actions that you take.

The pic has no significance to anything.. just a cute pic haha.