Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One month to go...

Its that time again... One month before my big swim meet. Just state this time no nationals for me this year. But this year feels different, perhaps because it is different.
Currently i am planning for this to be my last meet indefinately. Which feels weird. I haven been training very hard, but the last few days as i am realizing the impending milestone i have been working my ass off.

This is not the last time i have thought i would stop swimming. Its actually the 4th lol. First at the end of hs. Next at the end of college. Then i thought i would be doing a one year goodbye tour in masters.

But now that i am short on money and considering taking another job and with graduation coming i think this could really be it.

But lately i have been thinking that i still have a few years till my athletic peak... And i am stronger in terms of how much weight i put up then ever... Tho i am in the worst physical shape of my life. But maybe i should just stay the course for a few more years.

Guess we wont know till i start to miss it or not in a few months.


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