Friday, November 16, 2007

Woot. Well the pic is of me as the ru


Well the pic is of me as the russian 'brown baging' it or trying to since i didnt actually have paper bags we had to sub with brown plastic ones :). (Wasn't that sign number 423 that you're an alcoholic?).

Anyway i am excited not only because school ends in just a few days, but also because my fav time of year is coming round!
Now dont get me wrong... I HATE christmas songs as much as you all do and i have the fact that the whole time of year has really lost a lot of meaning since it is so commercialized, but i still love it.

If you know me you prob figure its cuz i really like to eat and there is so much good food during this time. And i will admit that is prob a fringe benefit.

But the real bread and butter for me is getting to see my family. I know i can theoretically do that all year long, but this brings back memories of when i was a child and like EVERYONE came home for new years. Sadly i feel like the fam is a lot more spread out and i dont get to see quite everyone anymore.

Also its a time of year i for sure get to see my sister and thats always nice.

I admit after you have been sitting around with your extended fam for hours and hours it does get a bit boring, but i think in the end i look back on the time as a positive thing and am always excited about it coming up.

So to sum it up i just want to say i hope everyone has a great holiday season and when you are stuck in... Lines at the store that go on for miles, an airport with 5 million other travelers, a road in a blizzard, in a room with a bunch of your family who are now getting on your nerves... Remember the spirit of the quarter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't wait to come home :) and i'l l be home a bunch over the next month and half. 11/22-11/27, 12/7-12/9, and 12/19-12/26. get ready to get your party on.

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