Friday, October 26, 2007

Smoke bombs, party fouls, and more insanity featuring michael phelps!


So i figured out how to make a home made smoke bomb. Unfortunately it was un-intended and during the act of cooking :). So i thought it would be a good idea to cook my chicken breast with daves insanity sauce smeared on it... if you are unfamiliar "It has been rated at 50,000 Scoville units, compared with 2,500-5,000 for Tabasco sauce". Some sweatin-ly hot shit basically.

anyhow upon hitting the pan it starts to smoke up...

bad news...

the smoke from this shit is so spicy that its like injecting wasabi into your sinuses.

Then my poor roomie comes out of him roomto get some water. and hes like "ooo what are you cooking :)" then that quickly turns into mad coughing and running back into his room w/o water.

I ate the chicken and it was spicy as hell... all in all.. lesson learned.

----- ----- -----
So this last weekend we went out and i pretty much got destroyed... my estimate is in the 20 shot range. Hard to know cuz i was making mixed drinks from the bottle. Anyway we went out to the bar and i was buying everyone drinks... ended up with a $127 tab... i dunno if i payed the pill or if one of my friends signed for it, but i guess i ended up only leaving a $5 tip :(. FOUL. And apparently i just walked away from the bar causing a few friends to get me a cab and take me home (thanks sw/ab/cn btw :)). Foul foul foul

----- ----- -----
Last night we ended up going out for the rockies game (and a little pre game). Anyway i again ended up spending almost tripple digits... i think i put it at 90 bucks :( (i gotta lay off the special sauce man)

Anyway we played mini bowling. I talked a shit load of trash, was loud and obnoxious (was it my idea was it to scream like someone was taking a march madness free throw?) , and of course i talked about spartans WAYY too much and did the chest pound so much my left pec is actually kinda sore lol.

Anyway after the rockies game everyone kinda left, but i was still pretty wired. When i got home some buzzed girls yelled up to me to come to the bar with them... i figured "f it" and i ran down and went with them. One of them ended up being a swimmer @ metro and she was talking to this kid mike. And i asked "are you talking to Michael Phelps?" and she definitely was. Obviously not the REAL Michael Phelps, but the one i mentioned in a previous blog. ( Pretty friggin amazing... too bad he didnt remember me.. oh well.

Anyway i got bored pretty quickly since i don't deal well with strangers in social situations and i ended up back home prob after like an hour.

Good times tho.

3x streak of heavy drinking sessions w/o a sign of hangover!

heres to not having one this weekend either :)


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Remind me never to burn insanity sauce!!

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