Saturday, October 27, 2007

more info on lastnight other then my gay post earlier.

So lastnight started with my first hockey game ever. We were in the student section and were going wild 4 rows up from the glass. DU won 5-1. My voice hurts today already.

After the game we went to denver with some of my DU friends and hill and commie. I drank a ton for someone who said they were going to go home and study after the game :).

Anyway a good time was had.

I remember telling some girl who said she knew me "you dont know shit bitch" im such an idiot
Peeing at the light rail station @ broadway
Hanging with cutler @ the bar (obviously)
trying to do 75 pushups (and failing)
punching a metal box really hard (my hand is swollen)
riding in the trunk of a jeep on the way there
singing the CU fight song with pat

i think those were high points of the night

(pic of the hockey game wouldnt upload... i'll get the pic later)


Blogger Simon said...

Hope the hand gets better and you get the pen marks off your arms :)

10:31 PM  

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