Friday, February 08, 2008


In a world where we have drugs for everything even the most basic of tasks can be done with drugs... You eat too much? Drug up. You cant sleep? Drug up. Cant sit still? Drug up.

My whack theory of the day is that if jesus had another coming (operating under the assumption that he did in fact exist as written in the word), he would prob be diagnosed with some kind of mental disposition, which happens to be on the rise... Must be violence in video games. I am guessing he would be diagnosed and drugged up.

Feel free to tell me if i am out in left field on this one, but in todays craze honestly you could meet a person every day that wants to save you. Asking you if you've found god... To which you prob reply 'i didnt even know that i was supposed to be looking!'. And if your with a group of friends you prob have a good chuckle as soon as you are about 3 feet away.

What if one time one of those bums was not a false prophet? ... Hmm this is feeling too much like what if god was one of us... :)

Anyway drug free is the way to be... Was initially going to be some commentary on over drugging in the world, but ended up being a odd rant.


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