Thursday, December 06, 2007

FORE! and Puffy coat

I played my first round of golf ever yesterday... yes me.
It was interesting to say the least... i SUCK... the putting was alright...

It was a par 3 course and 9 holes, which ended up being an enjoyable and educational time.

One of the oddest sports i've played since it involves moving many body pieces at the same time in a very particular manner. Any deviation from this movement really does change where the ball goes... and if it goes (I did completely wiff once).

Highlight of the day... I got a birdie! A lucky/amazing tee shot put me on the green in decent distance from the cup. Then the putt (about maybe 8-10 ft away) also amazingly went in.

Now onto the rant.

I dont think this is a new trend, but it is something that i have been noticing quite a bit lately. Already big people wearing big puffy coats. I just dont see why. I suppose they could be cold, but i dont think a big fat coat is necessarily warmer then a non puffy one. I guess people really do think they are warmer, which is fine, but I have a burning suspicion that they dont really need the extra warmth.

Also just as superficial as i can be... society kind of leans towards the slimmer end of the scale... wouldn't you perhaps want to maybe appear a little slimmer by wearing something a little more flattering... and doesnt make you look like the stay puft marshmallow man? Or maybe judged on some of the tiny summer outfits they also wear maybe they like to act skinny.

Sorry if it sounds like im fat person bashing... but i guess i am.


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