Friday, June 30, 2006

Good karma?

Good karma?
So i am not convinced of the theory of karma. In fact i think that many times people who do bad things end up ahead of other good people. However this week i ended up with some financial gains that made me think of karma.
I bought some swimmers ice cream in the morning... No big deal. However i get to my parking lot and low and behold i find 5 bucks on the ground w/ no owner in sight.
Today i get a check from when i posted bail for my friend. However they have a $10 fee they took off. Kind of sad about that. Like 1 hour later i find 20 bucks in my gym bag!
Heres to doing the right thing.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Its the middle of summer wtf?

Maybe its because its been so damn hot already this summer, but lately i cant help but think about winter and how i want to go snowboarding. Hell i'm not really even that good.. im just excited to get out there on the slopes and use my new gear... hop off little jumps like i know what im doing and carve down a slope knowing that if i so much as sneeze my mouth will be full of snow. (sad no pic of my deck, but there are my sweet bindings)

Maybe im just crazy. Who knows.

I also looked into mouting tires + springs + shocks + camber kit + tires. It looks like it'll be like $1500 for a shop to do all that. :-o! Damn cars and them being so expencive. I guess i could save $400 and install springs + shocks + camber kit myself, but i dont know how i'll find like 8 hours to take apart my car and put it back together.. assuming all goes well... being my first time i see it taking many many hours.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The little victories

The little victories
You know. Its really pretty easy to get caught up in the day to day and to think ahead to the big goal. 5 year plans, yearly income, new years resolutions.
Its a busy world and sometimes it is more satisfying to enjoy the little every day victories .
Today i got a reminder of this. One of my 8 and under swimmers gave me the bead art thingy today. And its good to know that maybe i could do better things with my time, or maybe i stink at swim coaching, but perhaps i made a small positive difference on someone elses world.
Can anyone tell me what in the world that is? I've narrowed to down to boombox or goggles?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Handicap button? or lazy ass people button?

Have you noticed the inordinate number of people who are handicap these days?

I've noticed an incredible number of disabled children lately!

It seems to be independent of age too. It seems as early as they can start walking they start becoming handicap... wait... or are they being taught to be the laziest children on earth?

Parents seem to be teaching their kids to use the handicap button to open doors. By teaching i don’t mean they just let them push the button... they actually give them verbal commands and cheerful acknowledgement for pushing the button!

Every time I go to the rec center I see parents pushing the lazy laid back US lifestyle on their kids. Generally here is how the situation works out.. Kids go to the rec run to the button and push it. When a few people arrive at the door at the same time a line forms while the door slowly opens. If someone is a little late no one ever holds the door. Once in the first door the line stalls once again as they push the other button to open the other door.

On the way out of the building sometimes I see the same kids… they run from the vending machine, with some obviously nutritional meals in hands and push the button… repeat… repeat.

Maybe im the only one who finds this whole situation absurd.

... and btw. who the heck thought of that idea for a USB flash "aka thumb" drive. Yikes..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

And heros will fall...

And heros will fall...
Heros, we all have them. People who directly or indirectly influence the very path of our lives. People we strive to emulate in part. We all have such figures in our lives.
What happens if one of these heros should fall from the perch we put them on? Will you doubt the path you have embarked on? Will you question your own set of values and wonder if you have made the best selection for a model?
Many people enjoy when heros fall... We put these events on center stage. Bonds and steroids, britney and the baby.
Hopefully your heros do not fall anytime soon...