Saturday, October 27, 2007

more info on lastnight other then my gay post earlier.

So lastnight started with my first hockey game ever. We were in the student section and were going wild 4 rows up from the glass. DU won 5-1. My voice hurts today already.

After the game we went to denver with some of my DU friends and hill and commie. I drank a ton for someone who said they were going to go home and study after the game :).

Anyway a good time was had.

I remember telling some girl who said she knew me "you dont know shit bitch" im such an idiot
Peeing at the light rail station @ broadway
Hanging with cutler @ the bar (obviously)
trying to do 75 pushups (and failing)
punching a metal box really hard (my hand is swollen)
riding in the trunk of a jeep on the way there
singing the CU fight song with pat

i think those were high points of the night

(pic of the hockey game wouldnt upload... i'll get the pic later)

jay mother fucking cutler

so me and my friend patty pacakakes bout jay MOTHER FUCKING cutler a MOTHER FUCKING jager bomb and talked to him person to person for 30 min just now and he is cool as hell! I am as gitty as a mother fucking school girl and no one will beliele us. but fuck it ne and pat know who we talked to and who got priority at the mother fucking bar! I FUCKING LOVE DU! 5-1 AT THE MOTHER FUCKING HOCKEY GAME TONIGHT!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Smoke bombs, party fouls, and more insanity featuring michael phelps!


So i figured out how to make a home made smoke bomb. Unfortunately it was un-intended and during the act of cooking :). So i thought it would be a good idea to cook my chicken breast with daves insanity sauce smeared on it... if you are unfamiliar "It has been rated at 50,000 Scoville units, compared with 2,500-5,000 for Tabasco sauce". Some sweatin-ly hot shit basically.

anyhow upon hitting the pan it starts to smoke up...

bad news...

the smoke from this shit is so spicy that its like injecting wasabi into your sinuses.

Then my poor roomie comes out of him roomto get some water. and hes like "ooo what are you cooking :)" then that quickly turns into mad coughing and running back into his room w/o water.

I ate the chicken and it was spicy as hell... all in all.. lesson learned.

----- ----- -----
So this last weekend we went out and i pretty much got destroyed... my estimate is in the 20 shot range. Hard to know cuz i was making mixed drinks from the bottle. Anyway we went out to the bar and i was buying everyone drinks... ended up with a $127 tab... i dunno if i payed the pill or if one of my friends signed for it, but i guess i ended up only leaving a $5 tip :(. FOUL. And apparently i just walked away from the bar causing a few friends to get me a cab and take me home (thanks sw/ab/cn btw :)). Foul foul foul

----- ----- -----
Last night we ended up going out for the rockies game (and a little pre game). Anyway i again ended up spending almost tripple digits... i think i put it at 90 bucks :( (i gotta lay off the special sauce man)

Anyway we played mini bowling. I talked a shit load of trash, was loud and obnoxious (was it my idea was it to scream like someone was taking a march madness free throw?) , and of course i talked about spartans WAYY too much and did the chest pound so much my left pec is actually kinda sore lol.

Anyway after the rockies game everyone kinda left, but i was still pretty wired. When i got home some buzzed girls yelled up to me to come to the bar with them... i figured "f it" and i ran down and went with them. One of them ended up being a swimmer @ metro and she was talking to this kid mike. And i asked "are you talking to Michael Phelps?" and she definitely was. Obviously not the REAL Michael Phelps, but the one i mentioned in a previous blog. ( Pretty friggin amazing... too bad he didnt remember me.. oh well.

Anyway i got bored pretty quickly since i don't deal well with strangers in social situations and i ended up back home prob after like an hour.

Good times tho.

3x streak of heavy drinking sessions w/o a sign of hangover!

heres to not having one this weekend either :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007


dont you hate when you just wake up in bed and you dont know what happened the previous night?... well i do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

K-Town Shocker!

As you all know i'm the most korean bastard that ever lived.

and as all of you know that above statement couldnt be further from the truth...

I'm basically an american who happens to have a more golden brown hue to my skin.

Anyway i recently learned one thing about korea that rocked my world... heres my story.

Growing up when the house was cold i was told "ondol oil lo" (turn up the heat!) and i took it as such... internalized the phrase... one of only a few in my elementary korean bag o' phrases. Anyhow... the other day my roomie was telling me how it was getting really cold outside and i mentioned that it was pretty cold in my room the previous night and asked if he was cold too. He said that his room is always pretty warm because he is directly above the boiler room. And said it was like "ondol".

I prob had a dumbfounded look on my face... so he asked if i knew what it was.

I said no because it was so out of context of what i knew as "ondol"

He said it was korean floor heating and i knew what he was talking about.

Now for those who are unfamiliar i will explain the concept.

This pic kind of shows a more modern take on ondol, but basically the kitchen was ground level and the room was just above it. The fire down there would heat up the floor above it (generally there was some stone to disperse the heat around the floor)

A typical ondol room would look like this. Note the lack of chairs (the little mats on the floor by the table) and the lack of a bed (the little white thing in the front of the pic... an ibul aka quilt/blanket)

Anyway i just recently put it all together and realized that when my parents told me to raise the temperature my whold life... it litreally meant to raise the ondol (or floor temperature as it was back in the day)

Further research on the ondol topic revealed some HUGE cultural things that i never had considered.

Think back to the pic of the room or just look at it. Koreans like to sit on the floor... i do it ALOT... even when im in a chair lots of time i sit on it literally like im sitting on the floor (most of you havent seen since i conform to western stnds when im having dinner with ya'll). But the theory behind this is that people well... sat on the floor all the time since it was so warm.

One place mentioned that the taking off of the shoes might have come from here too. your feet get soo nice and warm on a heated floor.

The last thing mentioned was the korean traditional clothing. "ham book"

Note the baggy ass pants. Not cuz we have huge legs or cuz we dont know how to make pants... its because people generally sat on the ground and with the tiny ass pants the emo kids are wearing these days its damn near impossible to sit "indian style" on the floor... or to do the "kimche squat" (feel free to ask for examples if you are unfamiliar with these terms.

Anyway... so when all the new western home builders are touting the new in floor radiant heating systems (and they are now) remeber where the ondol came from... k-town baby!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

should be sleeping...

But im not.. but will be in about 5 minutes.

I just read my former masters coaches account of his ironman experience this past weekend. Amazing... you can almost feel it. I know what fategue and near cramping feels like, but im sure the magnitude of this is 100x greater when you have been up since like 4 am and have been in constant motion.

One day i will know the pains and joys of prob the most mental thing a person cold go out and attempt to do. Might not be at the hawaii level, but should still prove to be a wicked experience.

Anyway off to bed now... i really do need to wake up in the 4am hour to go swim before the sun says hi to the world.

Its a shame i hate long distance swimming.... guess i have a few years to force myself to like it.... tho 2.4 mies isnt *too bad.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beer fest...

Beer fest...If you didnt go then you missed out. It was like hour of power x 4. Pretty crazy. Thought i might hurl prob 5 times but kept it together long enough to get home. Ya for the great american beer festival.

Monday, October 01, 2007

if there was any doubt about how ghetto my living situation is...

My beautiful livingroom/dining room area from just inside the doorway (sorry its so blurry... too lazy to retake)

A view at my kitchen. taken from the window of the living room pic. (you can see the front door to the left)

Prob the least ghetto thing in the whole place... like 3-4k of electronics... still need some boomin surround sound and TV stand tho :(

This is where i make myself look so damn hot every day. Is it kind of gross/odd to hang your damp swim suits to dry where the hand towel should be? Also you like how you cant see me taking the photo? where am i? (i squeezed behind the door)

This may look like my front door, but no no... that would be relatively normal... this is the lock to my bathroom door... classy DU.

The good thing about living w/o ladies... i have free reign on the toilet seat haha

A view from my room door. You can see all my quality target stuff. In the right is my defunct bed. I like to use it as a pseudo couch when i ps3 in the living room. You might also see the party hat from SW's awesom bday party.

A look at my awesome closet with the door in the closed yet open position. I think this is pretty classy as well.

Anyway i hope you enjoyed the grand tour of "das haus der Ko" I do still plan on havin some peole over for some wii -> denver -> drunken wii action. You're always welcome to my air mat if you find yourself in the area.