Thursday, May 24, 2007

Phone envy... Not so much...

Phone envy... Not so much...

I wouldnt classify myself as a mac lover or hater... More of a mac neutral person.
I think the ipod is awesome. Hands down the best mp3 player avail for most users.
Their computers are good and have some advantages, but a big part of their popularity is because its such a trendy company.
The new product riding the wave of popularity is the much drooled over iphone...Touted as being a major innovation in cellular technology! Let me throw out my view.

Basic specs... A 'whopping' 2mp camera... Wow my phone is a few years old and has the same resolution.
Plays mp3s... Doesnt everyones phone now? And doesnt everyone already have like 10 ipods?
Can play videos. A bit more unique, but again my aging mobile also can do this.
Wifi. Something mine cant do, but many phones before its time could do this.
'html' browser. Many phones have this, but honestly with most sites optimized for you fancy 20 inch monitors the little screen is going to require a shit load of side and vertical scrolling. (Which is where opera mini rocks, but thats something totally diff)
Touch screen. Hmm... I guess its kind of new with the non stylus thing, but almost any smart phone has had this feature forever. Not to mention the screen is going to be a giant greasy mess from all the touching.
Runs mac os! Well since its the 'first' mac phone its def an innovation, but there are a load of phones running windown and palm os already so the os thing is a draw.
Plays itunes songs and videos. This is great, but so did apples first flop into the mobile world. And mac wont let any other devices run the security so tho my phone plays acc/mp4 (itunes format) i cant play secure ones downloaded.
All in all. Iphone will be a success cuz of the popularity of the company and will satisfy those who will think its the best thing ever (till they drop it once and it breaks). It will be a good phone that has some level of innovation, tho not ground breaking. However i do not think currently its worth the 500 subsidized via att price tag.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Game over...

Game over...
I think that celebs are either really dumb or are really just desperate for attention. Well some of them.
I have noticed a disturbing trend of celeb petty crimes. Petty crimes like skipping out on checks in bars and clubs.
Not a big deal you say? Remember these people dont wine and dine in dennys like the rest of us... They eat at high class new york restaurants and accumulate thousands of dollars on a tab at a hip vip club.
Its not like they dont have the money to pay or that they are in college and its funny to do it.
I am convinced they do it because they can. I must have missed the celeb clause in the constitution. Anyone who is in a movie gets 10 get out of jail free cards.
I say let paris be the first in a line of celeb jailings! Viva la revolution de hollywood!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just the bulls...

Just the bulls...

Simon had his bachelor party this last weekend and i think a good time was had by all.

We took a limo downtown. Had a few beers there and had a laugh or two. Then it began... We were dropped right by the winkoop and it looked busy so we decided that was as good as anywhere to drink. (Count = 3)

I expected to do a little more 'pub crawling' but that didnt happen. O well. (Count = 7)

From there we made the walk where of course i took atleast one wrong turn, but thats ok cuz no one really noticed except for my bladder, which needed emptying.

Finally we arrived at the gentlemens club where the bouncer quickly let the man who needed to 'slash' in.
Everything in the club is kind of just between the men, but i assure you boobies were seen. (Count = 10 the magic number!).

Anyway that was the big event of the weekend. Oh yeah and i think i actually got hit on by a stripper.

Next stop estes!

Today is like my friday suckers!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gettin cut...

Gettin cut...

So there was one summer i went from being a super skinny dude to a somewhat average dude. I gained 10 pounds in that one summer.

My method was to follow the advice of this mens health article my sis stole for me. 'pack ten' the skinny mans guide.

Since i have been lifting pretty hard lately i decided i would look at this article again. Results...

I need to eat a minimum of like 3800 calories per day and as close to 140 grams of protein to pack a pound of muscle a week. Wowsa!

By this logic i should be close to my target weight by the end of summer.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Just a little bit special.

Just a little bit special.

I dunno if its just me, but it feels like people are always trying to get me drunk. 'the rock' is something like am urban legend around the circle of friends and it seems to become like some sort of goal to see the rock at a given party.

Often its like the first words spoken to me at a party 'is the rock coming out tonight?' i guess i should just be happy im loved enough to be invited to events.
My impression of myself when i am drunk is that i become loud, annoying, kind of a jackass. I really dont know tho. Cuz i never remember!

The rock is like my tyler durden. From fight club... Where when the dude thinks he is asleep if really is being tyler so doesnt remember lots of the things. Once the rock is out the brain is off. But everyone assures me i had a good time so i guess i must :).

Maybe i will never escape the man, the myth, the legend of the rock, but i guess there could be worse things to be remembered for.