Monday, April 30, 2007

Advertising wisdom...

Advertising wisdom...

I was watching along tv on sunday during work and later in the evening with mama and i noticed something pretty obvious in adverts that usually doesnt get thought about by the general public.

During work i caught the taladega 500 (nascar... Yeah i know pretty hick of me, but whatev) and saw lots of messages directed at men. I especially saw lots of the rgx body spray ones (hence the pic). If you havent seen them they basically feature an attractive woman basically seducing you to buy their product and sort of hinting that axe spray has a much too powerful odor.

Anyway it works to the effect that every time that ad is on i watch and i know the product now. Other ads are similar using sex or other strong images. So whats that say about the average man?
Keep it short, simple messages, use visuals (sexy ones are usually a plus).
The adverts later in the evening during along came polly were slightly different, as you might expect.
There were some more general ads, but there were many female targeted messages, which were easy to spot in their own way.Female advertising still featured generally sexy/good looking women. But not to seduce you towards a purchase. The ads contained facts! (Well i should say 'facts'.) Like lotion commercials like explained why the lotion softens your skin in addition to showing a half naked woman applying it.The interesting part to me is that advertisers figured out the way to send messages, but often the way men and women interact are quite the contrary.
Men generally send simple unjumbled messages to flirt etc, but women seem to go the subdued way. If you believe in target marketing you can see that everyone is kind of going about things the wrong way.

Just a thought, but given that im such a man whore (haha i know) maybe i know shit.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The low down, and other weekend fun.

The low down, and other weekend fun.

This past weekend was pretty packed. The big moment was seeing am old buddy come to concert in town. It was a really quick acoustic set in a small venue, but got to see that he remained largely true to his style and was still following his dreams.

After the show we were going to hang with the band so we followed them to an appt downtown. They dropped their van off and people were switching cars. We saw a car drive off so we followed... All the way to the opposite side of downtown... Then the car pulled off to blockbuster... Whoops wrong car lol.
No worries... My friend was having a party. We head to westy... Party canceled.
Ok kp's friend always partys... Nothin.
Other car mates friend should be throwing down sweet. Nothin...
The saturday that nothing happened... Almost.
We finally met up with kp's womans friends and rocked out. Me with my 40 and she with her bottle of wine.
Other then that i bowled prob the worst ever. 4 games all under 100... Shit i was lucky i broke 50! I blame the lunges that are still crippleing me today even tho i did them on friday. Evil stuff.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back on track...

Back on track...After swimming non stop at state i swore off the sport for atleast a week if not two. Just got back in this morning. I should also find out about summer coaching today!How does this sched sound? Swimming from 5-615 am, coaching from 630-10ish then work from 1045ish - 7ish? Thats the beast i am up against this summer. Anyone think im gonna make it? I dont :).

Monday, April 23, 2007

Meaningful casual encounter.

Meaningful casual encounter.
So literally just now i got a phone call that has had a profound impact on me. Someone i knew very casually at masters swim meets and the guy who was kind of our leader this last weekend at state died over the weekend.
We all knew he recently found out he had cancer, but all indications were that it was still in the early stages and that he was going to have a good doctor work on him. Most of the focus was on when he would be back not IF he would return.
I got to hang out with him all weekend and he was just a very positive guy. Liked to kick back and enjoy his time at the meet. He was 43 and still swimming at a pretty high level. I got to have a 100 fly race right next to him and if ended up beating me by just a little bit.
The last thing i say him doing was kickin back having a few beers at the post state bbq and the big guy leaving with a smile on his face with his swim bag thrown over his shoulder waving goodbye.
All indications were that he was a good man who carried a lot of respect around the masters pools. He leaves behind two daughters and a wife and a masters team whom all seemed to love and respect him.
Its odd how someone whom you didnt know all that well can impact your life and thoughts. The eta on the services are on friday and i plan on attending. I mean how crazy is that i meet the guy every now and again at meets and i was completely detestated when i got the news.
Heres to big K.N. A man i've developed a great respect for. My prayers go out to those you left behind.