Monday, February 25, 2008


Its a travisty... How did there mythical beautiful seductive women get caught up in this whole mess of evil sounds. They would sing and lure sailors to certain death... Now sirens are a loud signal that is a warning for something.

Basically my beef isnt really with the word confusion, but after like 6 months of living in my apartment i am just sick of it. My apt is facing the road where apparently emergency vehicles drive by... Quite often... Several times a day... Including at night...

To make things worse work by one of the shadiest mc d's in the world, which naturally includes sirens seemingly all the time.

So basically i hear these so called sirens all the m f'in time. And i am here to declare i am sick of it and should i have a mental snafu one day i think it would be safe to say it is directly attributable to this.

Odd pic i know. Its just so cute... We will just say the dog is running away from the sirens cuz he dont like the noise either.


Blogger Ber said...

you should get one of those dogs. They are cute! Also, I'm sorry that these particular sirens are not taking the form of beautiful women. Do you think you'd like them more if they were?

9:01 PM  

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