Friday, February 22, 2008

What movies say about us.

I have been looking at a list of the top movies of all time and found something as i was trying to categorize things as chick flicks or man films... There were lots of sequels to man films, but no chick flicks. And also the disparity between man films or more manly films to chick flicks was pretty big.

What does this mean?
For starters it could mean that men just like seeing the same thing over and over. Tho something like bond is pretty different every time, but something like die hard isnt so much.
Could mean that women see a movie and are kind of done with it. Tho my friend suggested it may be because all the movies end with a happy ending.

Maybe men really bond with the characters and thus in again and again to see what their lives end up like. And women see it as a story and at the end of the story they burn all bridges. But this would totally challenge conventional wisdom... And opens questions like if men develop attachments why are women always the ones crying?

Having more man movies suggests that men are always dragging women to go see movies... Tho all you normally hear about is girlfriends taking their dudes to go see some chick flick (could be because i am a man so thats all i hear). Or it could mean that men really cant find anything better to do then watch movies... I guess we could go dancing. Haha.

Anyway it could just mean that lots of people just like action movies and thats it, but thats not nearly as fun to think/write about.


Blogger Simon said...

One other reason is that perhaps women form attachments with new characters more easily: a good reason to make sequels of guy-movies or even similar movies (think Bourne/Bond) is because men find the same characters appealing again and again. They don't have to get used to new characters and can just jump right into a new film with certain expectations.

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Blogger Sko said...

ooo thats very interesting

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Blogger Ber said...

Speaking as a woman, I think that we don't really form a particular bond to specific characters but rather get caught up in the emotions of a movie (if it is believable) For example, sad parts movies remind us of worries, sad memories, or sad feelings that we have had in the past which could be why we cry. I personally get bored with seeing the same story over and over again and to me, violence is violence which is why , unless an action movie has a good story I get bored with it rather quickly. There are some chick flicks that have sequels (Miss Congeniality and MC II) but I don't think they're ever good enough to make it on the big screen - mostly because honestly, the original chick flicks weren't that great to begin with.

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