Tuesday, October 31, 2006

'I'll have the usual'

'I'll have the usual'
Every morning i get an opportunity to see the same people on the same bus at the same time. Everyday i see the same people doing the exact same thing as the day before. This one girl stands in the same place faceing the same direction... And prob comes at the same time. I generally know if people are front or rear sitters, hell i wouldnt be surprised if they took the same seat. Basically most everyone in the planet falls into a stale routine.
My routine in hue morning? I generally dont stand in the same place, but i usually end up walking around randomly. Then i observe. Observe people trying to- be cool, avoid eye contact, avoid staring at the hot girl. Whatev. Hmm... Based on what i do people prob think i am someone that belongs in the loony bin.
Anyway i wonder why we all get stuck in this rut. I understand getting to the bus on time, but the little things like sitting in the same seat or standing in the same place? Arent we the superior animal with a brain and the freedom of well ... Freedom!
I think my routine revolves around the quote 'the nail that sticks out gets hammered'. I think i unconcintsly plan my life around blending into the walls. I mean think about it. I never stand in the same place, sit somewhere in the middle (not just on the bus), i wear lots of solid color clothes. I find that lots of people know me, but dont really know much about me. Girls see me, but dont recognize me. I am just the invisible man.
The question is... Are we so blind to our daily routine that we cant change it? Or are we so uncomfortable with the unknown that we refuse to change it?
I think people who break free from the cycle are often successful. Apple is all about out of the box thinking. Peter bronson (virgin guy) def knows how to spice it up. Even clutch athletes they dont fear the uncertainty, they dont want to take a normal shot or throw a normal pass. They crave more.
Maybe some day i will break my cycle. Maybe i wont. All that i can really say is that every day will bring a new opportunity to try.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Join the Cynical crowd! The CC rocks

Join the Cynical crowd! The CC rocks!
For some reason people seem to think that everyone should be beaten and jaded. They equate being naive as a bad thing, but i would like to take a stand for those who dont see the worst in the world.
I feel like being cynical vs naive is like being wet... Where you are either wet or dry... You cant be halfway wet nor can you be wet and dry at the same time.
I think that most gods (any that you may have) belive in the basic good in up humans and that it will eventually prevail. Else they could/would just wipe us out. Would you walk up to god and say 'dude you are sofa king naive. We played you like a harp with our humans are good act.
I also think that being cynical leads to premature death and wrinkles. Ok, well maybe not wrinkles, but anyway. How much extra stress and work do you think it puts on a person to constantly evaluate how someone is about to screw them for all day long. If you are in a team sport and dont trust your peers your team will crumble. Why do you think so many teams are following the patriots and developing a team instead of a squad full of stars.

Remember you cant be sort of wet. So please re-evaluate the situation when you use naive as a negative attribute. Maybe i am just too naive to evaluate the situation :).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Its all about standards...

Its all about standards...

There seems to be this idea that i am super picky in my choice of women. I think this is largely a misconception formed by people based on word of mouth and based on my lack of regular play. I dont follow the Seinfeld theory that 95% of the population is un-dateable. Anyway here is it straight up… no lies… no feelings spared

We will start with the superficial... Looks.
Generally im more of the tall, thin, athletic type. You dont need to meet all, but if you are obese you prob will be turned away. And if you are a midget or freakish giant go hang with the smokers and obese people. Call me a jerk, but i think there is an element of raw physical attraction in all relationships. Height is less of am issue, I am ok with slightly taller then me too, which is unique. General guideline I don’t want to see the wall behind you and I don’t want to look directly into your chest.
Hair and eye color is a toss up. I dont really care...contrary to the belief that i only go for blonde/blue eyes. Skin tone/race-i think i try and be open, but generally am satisfied by the white meat. Yellow and brown next. I dont think i have ever liked a black, but i havent really known any.
Personal style (fashion and makeup etc) less makeup is better. Dress it up when needed, but i dont need lots of it daily. Dress is pretty open. Anything that looks good is fine... Tho someone who is with the general trends is better (different from trendy, which is bad)
"The assets" This is prob the least important part i think. Big boobies are nice now, but prob less nice when gravity takes its toll. Avg boobies are like an all season tire... alright all the time. Basically they should be bigger then what i got on my chest (not too hard to do). Butt and legs just need to look normal.

Personality is prob the most important.
I like social people. I think i need that to balance out my occasionally shut in personality. Not partying every night, but go out on a regular basis.
Humor is a must. I tell the worst jokes ever and do it often. If you can put a good 'burn' on me thats fun too.
Attitude should be of normal disposition. Im pretty laid back i can handle almost any normal attitude.
I dont know if having goals in life fits here, but i like ambition. Someone who wants to improve themselves and works toward that.
I like intelligent women. Being smart is cool.
Prefereable if she gets along with people i like. Friends are important to me.
Not "needy".
Be a modern woman - be strong, have a career, reach for the stars (and the check every once and a while :) ).

Habits. Kind of broad, but it works.
Sports/working out adds like 10 bonus points. Its hot to me... Nuff said.
Personal grooming is important. Chean, shave, brush as needed.
Smoking is a no no. Its disgusing and i hate it.
Drinking is ok.. just moderate.

Its a long ass list, but i'll kinda sum it up. I'm pretty much flexible on almost all aspects, but the follwing 3 are firm.
1.Physical attraction
2.No smokers
3.General compatibility

All in all I would say the only difference in my top 3 then the normal person might be the no smokers policy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The 'skinny' on trendy mens fashion.

The 'skinny' on trendy mens fashion.
In todays society being fashionable (or reasonably so) is important. However there is a difference between 'fashionable' and just looking like an ass.
Popping the collar is one fine example where fashion meets disaster. Other then the 5 hollywood stars that can actually pull that look off 99.9% of the other men who think they look hot/cool/fashionable, but in reality they just look dumb.
The newest trend seems to mirror womens fashion. The skinny pants. Dont get me wrong... I can appreciate a fine pair of skinny pants when i see one, but like all good things someone always goes too far. Goth/punk style people have been skinnying it up for years, but the new fashion skinny is too much. I cant tell if men are wearing womens pants or what, but its too skinny! I dont know when it has looked good for a man to look as twigly as possible, those jeans make you look like a twig!
I too own some 'skinny' jeans, but not skin tight skinny.
I think i have maintained a level of fashionableness for a while now and dont honestly think i have subjected myself to ass or womanish status. Think before you dress yourself men.

Monday, October 23, 2006


.00119 - .00095%
The odds of winning minesweeper in one click. I completed the feat this last weekend winding down from my fri night.
Apparently there is a whole like science behind minesweeper. Which is pretty crazy. Check the wiki page for all the madness.
So technically does this mean i am tied for the worlds fastest minesweeper record? I say yes.
I am the GOAT! (Greatest of all time for those who arent hip)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When is old TOO old...

A somewhat stimulating conversation with my sister about the optimal age for marriage kind of got me thinking. At what age (if any) should a person become past their prime. With all the good days behind and only the glory days to look fwd to.

Over history this "optimum" age has changed vastly. I'm sure back in the day before modern meds and sciences people reached their prime lets say at like 17-20. And the new thing now is that 50 is the new 40.. or is it 60's the new 50's... well whatever you will. Either way people are living longer and can now take longer to sort of play out their lives how they want to, or conversely people can toil in their missery for longer (depends on if you're a half full or half empty kinda person).

The statistic is that athletic males dont reach their athletic peak till their late 20's with peak muscle mass at around 30. However they reach their sexual peak in their late teens! And after you pass 30 basically your body starts the long process of becoming a shell of its former glorious self in basically every way possible (you even get less deep sleep for christ sakes!).

On the inverse side of things for the ladies.

I although ladies mature much earlier then the men they hit their sexual peak much later in life. but their athletic peak earlier in life. Basically invers of men. Sexual peak around 30 and athletic peak in the late teens/early 20's. Which is kind of strange in itself.

Not being a woman I feel that its got to be kind of hard on a woman these days. With most women wanting to be career oriented its hard to work everything in before the good times of retirement.

If you look at how nature cycles it seems like late 20's is sort of natures optimal time to have children, but with people living so long it seems so early. With the lenghtened life cycle it seems like maybe sometime in the 30's could be a good time to start poppin out some clones of yourself.

My current belief is that I can kind of "dink around" for a few more years till atleast 25. After that maybe I should start thinking towards the future. Once I hit 28 if there isn't much brewing i'll hafto start seeking some more drastic measures to assure that im getting where im going.

No real conclusions here.. just kinda on a ramble...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No parties, no fanfare, just a raise ple

No parties, no fanfare, just a raise please :)
Today i celebrated a new milestone in my life. My one year anniversary of employment in the working world.
I havent accomplished nearly as much as i wanted to this past year, but i cant complain either.
So cheers my good man. You've done well.