Monday, October 30, 2006

Join the Cynical crowd! The CC rocks

Join the Cynical crowd! The CC rocks!
For some reason people seem to think that everyone should be beaten and jaded. They equate being naive as a bad thing, but i would like to take a stand for those who dont see the worst in the world.
I feel like being cynical vs naive is like being wet... Where you are either wet or dry... You cant be halfway wet nor can you be wet and dry at the same time.
I think that most gods (any that you may have) belive in the basic good in up humans and that it will eventually prevail. Else they could/would just wipe us out. Would you walk up to god and say 'dude you are sofa king naive. We played you like a harp with our humans are good act.
I also think that being cynical leads to premature death and wrinkles. Ok, well maybe not wrinkles, but anyway. How much extra stress and work do you think it puts on a person to constantly evaluate how someone is about to screw them for all day long. If you are in a team sport and dont trust your peers your team will crumble. Why do you think so many teams are following the patriots and developing a team instead of a squad full of stars.

Remember you cant be sort of wet. So please re-evaluate the situation when you use naive as a negative attribute. Maybe i am just too naive to evaluate the situation :).


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