Thursday, October 19, 2006

When is old TOO old...

A somewhat stimulating conversation with my sister about the optimal age for marriage kind of got me thinking. At what age (if any) should a person become past their prime. With all the good days behind and only the glory days to look fwd to.

Over history this "optimum" age has changed vastly. I'm sure back in the day before modern meds and sciences people reached their prime lets say at like 17-20. And the new thing now is that 50 is the new 40.. or is it 60's the new 50's... well whatever you will. Either way people are living longer and can now take longer to sort of play out their lives how they want to, or conversely people can toil in their missery for longer (depends on if you're a half full or half empty kinda person).

The statistic is that athletic males dont reach their athletic peak till their late 20's with peak muscle mass at around 30. However they reach their sexual peak in their late teens! And after you pass 30 basically your body starts the long process of becoming a shell of its former glorious self in basically every way possible (you even get less deep sleep for christ sakes!).

On the inverse side of things for the ladies.

I although ladies mature much earlier then the men they hit their sexual peak much later in life. but their athletic peak earlier in life. Basically invers of men. Sexual peak around 30 and athletic peak in the late teens/early 20's. Which is kind of strange in itself.

Not being a woman I feel that its got to be kind of hard on a woman these days. With most women wanting to be career oriented its hard to work everything in before the good times of retirement.

If you look at how nature cycles it seems like late 20's is sort of natures optimal time to have children, but with people living so long it seems so early. With the lenghtened life cycle it seems like maybe sometime in the 30's could be a good time to start poppin out some clones of yourself.

My current belief is that I can kind of "dink around" for a few more years till atleast 25. After that maybe I should start thinking towards the future. Once I hit 28 if there isn't much brewing i'll hafto start seeking some more drastic measures to assure that im getting where im going.

No real conclusions here.. just kinda on a ramble...


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