Friday, June 30, 2006

Good karma?

Good karma?
So i am not convinced of the theory of karma. In fact i think that many times people who do bad things end up ahead of other good people. However this week i ended up with some financial gains that made me think of karma.
I bought some swimmers ice cream in the morning... No big deal. However i get to my parking lot and low and behold i find 5 bucks on the ground w/ no owner in sight.
Today i get a check from when i posted bail for my friend. However they have a $10 fee they took off. Kind of sad about that. Like 1 hour later i find 20 bucks in my gym bag!
Heres to doing the right thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, cool, you found the 20 bucks I left in your gym bag! Oh, and the $5 I dropped in the parking lot too! Karma rules.

2:36 PM  

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