Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Plastic lies.

Plastic lies.
One thing i noticed in fla this trip and ca in the past was that people on the coast seem to be damn hot.
You know the description... Just look at tv, magazines, etc. And its cool to look at all these tan ladies with nice beach bodies, but after a while its just kind of bleh. All these plastic people look the same... The 40 year old 'milf's look just like the 18 year old jail bait. Its kind of sad that beauty is so commercial.
What used to be in the eye of the beholder is now in the eyes of the beholded. So much of what we are exposed to prays on our fears and inadequedcies. Cosmetic surgery, clothes, name brands, drugs, alcohol... Lots of this stuff is just compensating where we feel we dont match what is popular.
Not really a groundbreaking new thought, but something that passed through my mind... And i know i am very guilty of contribuing to these plastic lies.


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