Saturday, May 13, 2006

8 bucks for some razors?

8 bucks for some razors?
Yay today is a good day, i am flying to fla and got informed that i get to have no summer at all! (Meaning i will be coaching the seals). Anyhow today started with a lil swim then a trip to the store. I purchased a 4 pack of blades for my razor and it was 8 bucks! The biggest rip ever! My legs better have no skin left on them for that cost... And yes i decided to shave them.
I also got word that my sis is comin home for a visit! Yay!

It took the rental company years to process my transaction. Said my license did not exist, but i ended up with a car :).
Then the mapquest highway was closed! Cuz of an accident... To i sat in traffic for 30 min got off and managed to find my way to the hotel. Asked for directions @ a gas station 1 light away! They laughed at me lol.


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