Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The sperm bank

The sperm bank
The pic... You can kind of see it, but thats what thousands of marching mexicans look like from the second story.
Nothing to do with mexicans or the immigration debate... But how do you think sperm banks operate?
I remember once at the rec we wondered this question.
We decided some important questions that we should ask
How much do you get paid?
How often can you do it?
Can you bring a friend... To help you?
I think this is where we ended, but i thought of a few more...
Are there minimum requirements? Like if i am too ugly or dumb can i be rejected?
I think this is a good one.
Are you paid more for quantity or quality?
You might want lot of sperm, but what if the boys aren't very fertile or mobile?
Some administrative things. How do they decide what to keep there? Do they keep track of what is doing 'it' for most people?
How often are there rooms cleaned?
Do they get rid of a 'visual aid' after use?
Anyway that was pretty odd... Even for me. Off to family bbq.
Thanks for the random sms commie and KK.


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