Thursday, April 20, 2006

woMAN or woMEN?

woMAN or woMEN?
Since i ripped on the men the other day i thought it was time for some retribution. So w/o further delay... Part two... Where are the ladies at?

So traditional family roles involve the 'home maker'... You know the house wife (not one of those trendy/sell out desperate ones tho). Back in the day the females were required to do things like take care of the kids, cook, clean, watch soap operas, shop, shop, shop...haha jk :)... And you know... Make sure the man is happy (wink wink).
Yeah lame. Anyway lately i have noticed a new breed of females that are less womany. Not to say they are more like men... Just less like those who came before them. I am jumping to conclusions here but as far as i know almost none of my female friends at this point could/would fill this traditional role. I am totally all for the empowerment of the female kind, but careers and other goals in life have caused girls to lose their woman-hood.
Now the ultimate problem with this is that now women who are of this new breed have truely turned into wo MEN. Meaning their lives are similar to their male counterparts. Other then the periods and child birth (whew) women are acting like the traditional man. You know drinking beer, gettin hammered, sleeping around. Hell lately i have heard women burp louder then any man i have heard.
Ultimateley this is all good... I guess. But now i see family as a non-cohesive unit. With out the mom there kids are running around all wild and crazy. People have mcdinners and mc all other meals... Leading to the fatness of today. I am not putting all this on you ladies because we men should pick up the slack. Where i see this headed is back to the old school days of maids and butlers. Cuz when all the working folk refuse to take care of things besides work they will eventually out source the duties.


Anonymous kk said...

yo, that's really not fair (i think). i know plenty of women who are actually coming back out of the "career woman" role and literally leaving their jobs when they have babies. and they're not just "leaving" their jobs. they're actually opting to not come back to work. while i think this is just a small percentage of women doing this, i think the rate is increasing. i've been seeing the trend. or in the least, if a woman comes back to work, they'll go part-time. or do something 'part-time' that allows them to be at home with their child - but, of course, this is totally dependent on whether or not the family can sustain itself with one working parent... and that's assuming there's a father in the picture. anyway, i cannot explain why the tides are changing, but they seem to be.

as far as "behavior" goes... recreational behavior (drinking, burping, etc)... i think women are more able to do this now because it's generally accepted by society. i mean, i'm definitely not one to go out in public and burp, fart, or anything else (that i find to be) disgusting... but still, it's accepted. in general, i think society cuts girls more slack than they used to. just like, guys aren't held up to the standard of old traditions of chivalry. it's just socially accepted (and not expected to be what it was before).

and when we're talking about "housewife" stuff... like cooking and cleaning, sewing sweaters for the hubby and kids, etc... i think a lot of that comes from the fact that we as a society have more resources available to us that pulls us away from that "old school traditional/nuclear family" matrix. and that's the same thing for your posting about guys. i think. also... there are many more things going on right now - in our lives, neighborhoods, cities, countries... that pulls us away from all that. as we (a country and society) have more and more money to spend on luxuries, we have less and less time to spend doing the "traditional" things we would have done had we been from our parents' generation. i don't know if i'm hitting the mark here... or at least "a" mark... but those are my thoughts.

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