Monday, April 17, 2006

Parking nazi zero!, Religion, and other

Parking nazi zero!, Religion, and other oddities
So my birthday has turned into a series of events loosely associated with my birth. This past weekend there was one final activity, a party that was thrown by my friend. I should have snapped some pics, but i did not. Anyway the party was good... I wish that i had not been an ass about it and had actually invited friends, but o well... Had a good time anyhow.
Thanks to the host and hostess and i hope the puke came out all the way (not my fault btw). Also pass a thanks to your friends who populated my party lol
What is up with rich people and tiers crazy new alternative religions anyway? I heard some sound clips from tom cruise this morn and he was explaining the silent birth concept and after that it doesnt seem too crazy, actually sounds logical.
But with easter this weekend and lot of religioning going on it gave me some random thoughts.
What i am seeing as a trend is that well educated people are increasingly turning atheist or agnostic while really rich people are turning to alt religion. Its like religion is the new country club where only rich people get into the church. You dont really hear about or see homeless people preaching the word of kaballa (or whatever madona does).
Someone was talking about this with me, think it was wb, but anyway... In like 10,000 years will people sick up something like the communist manifesto or the da vinci code and take that as the word of a 'god' like entity?
I know it sounds crazy, but millions dare i say billions of people blindly follow old books today. Many follow truely blindly... Meaning they just grew up into the conditioning that the wrath of god will be averted if you just believe. I find there people worse then those who 'found' god. At least people who find religion via divine intervention or other randomly crazy events have had some exposure to other aspects and living life another way... They just did not believe something because their parents sent them to sunday school when they were 5.
But either way i have respect for people who are actually devoted... In todays world where peer pressure and plastic superficial people are everywhere it is tough to believe in anything. A shout out to hoo dawg in k town for being prob the most devoted person i know... Not just a lame poser.

My big accomplishment this weekend was beating the parking nazi to my car and avoiding a ticket. I saw you from my office window, drove around the block and re parked sucker! :)


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