Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where did time go? When did it get so cr

Where did time go? When did it get so crazy?
No bus ride on friday... So i guess this will make up for it.
I dont know why i am so philosophical these past few days. Prob has something to do with my mood. Just been a little down... Not doom and gloom i am going to end it (aka Emo haha). Just not peppy for whatever reason.
I dont know how/when this change happens, but it seems that everyone makes this subconsious decision to either A. Give too much of a damn. Or B. Dont care enough.
See when we were kids we all at some point just went after it. No fear of injury (physical or emotional), total disregard for consequence. Now we either think everything over and over... Or we just go balls to the wall and rock out.
Me, being the choice a type of person, have a great deal of respect for the opposite. Many people i have noticed dont share this feeling and usually end up talking a great deal of shit about them.
I am not in anyway calling my life complicated, but when did it become that way? So complicated in fact that i hardly ever make choices with out considering alternatives or consequences. Even something like what to shove in my mouth to satisfy my stomach. Used to be simple... Whatever the hell i wanted or that mom would put out for me. Now if i want to eat it can become am internal debate between healthy or not? Or cheap or cheaper? Now or later?
You can only imagine how other issues may get even more complex...
The kicker about the choice we all made unknowingly is that flipping on that choice is near impossible. No matter how many times i have told myself that i could flip i find failure. It just doesnt happen... We are programmed to resist change.
Prob a reason people booze up... Honestly for me being in that altered state brought out the flip side... If i wanted another drink then i would drink... If i thought my friends sister was hot for the past few years... We made out (no regret there :)). Not to say booze would do it... Just on the off chance became worth it.
Maybe someday i will sort this thing out maybe not. Anyhow happy friday... And tonight wherever i end up i will dance like no one is watching... Maybe :).


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