Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Question. Where did all the men go?

Question. Where did all the men go?
It may just be me, but i have noticed a trend of social castration among males today. Let me just start by noting that i do not care about this situation... Just making an observation.
'Men' today resemble very little the men that our grandfathers even fathers (in some cases) were. Maybe it is just me, but i know far too many men that couldnt perform the tasks that an 8 year old boy scout can do. 'Manly' things... Fishing, how to properly set up camp, what to do if you encounter :said animal: in the :said climate:. Even more daily tasks like making fire or how to tie knots (excluding shoe laces fellas) we honestly have no clue. Ok...ok... Maybe 'outdoorsy' stuff is getting pretty irrelevent since soon we will over populate to the point there wont be a vast wilderness. What about more urban tasks. Whens the last time you... Fixed your car... Changed the oil???...uncloggede your toilet?...attempted to build something... Seriously... Anything... Furnature? Dog house? Bird house???... Yeah, its been a while for me too.
My bus ride is almost over so i cant even in into comparing us to pioneers or men from earlier ages. But let me say (especially to the dude i see knitting scarvs on the bus) maybe we as a gender should worry less about if the color of a shirt is salmon or pink and a little more about the pursuit of being a man.
albinoblacksheep.com prob sums this up by saying

People often confuse being "a" man with being "the" man, but in reality the delineation couldn't be more clear. Being "the" man is a farce, a sham, a mockery of everything that is manhood. The fact that you have impressed your stoner friends by spooning wasabi paste into your ear may make you "the" man, but it certainly doesn't make you a man. It makes you a jackass, and significantly unworthy of talking to me."


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