Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Monsters in the closet!

This log may not be as good as the original... not my fault.. my phone spontaneously crashed as i was typing the last sentence :(

We all know that the 'typical' child has fears of having -- (insert scary thing here.. i.e. monsters, aliens, fat women trying to hug you whatev) in the closet. And we, us well educated adults, just laugh it off without a second thought. My theory is that we should take a lesson from the kids because we ALL have monsters in the closet.

I know you are all thinking... what a typical thing of me to say, but seriously hear me out. So the story usually begins in the summer of 02 you were out shopping at BR (or your fav store) when all of a sudden something caught your eye... you are thinking this outfit would be so cute/hot with whatever. You contemplate for a second then usually rationalize with a statement that starts like "well at this price...". You go on to wear this SRD (sales rack disaster) a few times, sometimes you even realize you dont know why you bought it in the first place. Thats all fine and dandy, but eventually this garment ends up sitting in your closet waiting, and waiting, and waiting... never to be worn again.

Eventually these clothes always hang around because of excuses like 'maybe i'll wear it someday' or 'it will come back in someday' and inevitably you end up accumulating more and more of these clothes that once were, but now definitely are not. If your closet is anything like mine there is never enough space and having these extras around just packs your wardrobe to the point to where when you take one thing out 2 or 3 others try and come out too. Maybe the reason we dont fear monsters is because we know that nothing could physically inhabit that cramped space we call a closet. I think these 'monsters' are just as bad as the mythical beasts/fat men in speedos that the kids dream about.

What i am proposing is that we fight the penny pinching part of our phyches this weekend and have the great closet purge! Lets free ourselves, our closets, and our poor other outfits from these SRD's. While reasons to keep them around are possibilities one certainty is that looking bad is NEVER in fashion :)

Sorry to fag it up today lol... just popped into my head this morn. I heard a pretty good quote on TV the other day too "as you get older you will realize that not al well dressed, detail oriented men are gay... just many of them happen to be asian" or something like that.. thought it was funny.

An addition that wasnt in this mornings initial blog was about a catering show i went to with a female friend who is going to get married. Anyway we went around and sampled some mighty tasty food. While the food was good I kept having this feeling that people were assuming that me and my little friend were the ones getting married.. so for some reason at one of the last vendors I explain to the lady how im not marrying her im just here to help out with the wedding lol. I dont know why i said it and im sure the lady was like WTF? Im also sure that people did assume things.. o well.. just an odd thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have to say 'blurted' is probably an understatement. hahahaha You practically yelled at the poor girl. I was laughing so loud over here as I read this that my office mates made me read this out loud. Now you are a celebrity

10:03 AM  

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