Thursday, May 25, 2006

Been a while... How much choice do we really have?

No posts for a while because there has been no bus ride! because im working 12 hours a day!
Not that i'm complaining tho... cuz i love what i do... just wish there were like 5 more hours in a day so i could do things outside of work.

Anyway... quick update on the "I" experiment... it was pretty much a flop and a half. You start sounding like you're talking in third person or something... You stop using pronouns all together.

Todays random rant is. How much choice do we realy have... i mean really... Are we limited?

Like a kid whos parents are like 5-5 and scrawny with a bunch of freckles and red hair... prob not going to be a male model in the future.

Take a kid like me... Smart and scrawny kid who had an interest in computers. Is it any surprise that i ended up a data analyst? I'm more surprised that I didnt end up in a cubicle (thank the lord!)

The more intreguing question to me is have i reached my peak athletically? Have i reached the limit to hw fast i can swim or how much i can lift.. etc. I'm pretty sure no, but is there a limit?
I think thats one reason i keep swimming even now that I hafto pay for it... i always wonder.. can i be faster? Will i ever reach my limit? Cuz theoretically in athletics for the most part size/body build basically determines success/limits/positions tho some people.

When i was born could someone have told me I would likley be working in a cubicle and average at any sport I play? I guess its kind of like gataca.

Anyway i just hit a patch of sadness... cuz it appears i dont have a day off between both my jobs until august 5th..... yikes... wish me luck


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