Monday, May 29, 2006

2 am?!?

Yes... the time reads 2am, but i am not up because i am a nerd... i just passed out shortly after dinner and am now wide awake.

Anyhow on fri night t bone was house sitting so he threw down... P A R T Y? because its someone elses house!!!

dont get your panties in a bundle tho... he def had permission.. shit the owners even provided a 6 pack to get things started haha.

Anyhow it was a pretty small gathering, but after some kings cup and some quarters it didnt matter that there were just a few of us. Dancing in the kitchen to 107.5 wearing kids hats and a big pair of hollywood glasses.

The new of the night... kings cup rule when you get to add one... add 'in your pants' after everything you say... laughs will ensue.

Anyhow, i guess everyone cept me got a big drink on, cuz everyone seemed a lil hung over the next morning. F'in <>'s.... in your pants.

I will update the log twice a week or more. Kinda hard and even more nerdy now because now i actualy need to take time to write it.. not just fill up bus time. Traffic sucks.


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