Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cool things?

Cool things?
Some things that are cool/acceptable only in a certain context.
For example being captain of the chess club, cool on a college app or with those people, but almost anywhere else keep that to yourself unless you really like being made fun of.
Shaving your legs, cool for swimming, running, biking but other then that you just look like a woman and also need to use lotion all the time.
Singing, awesome in the shower or in the car or at a concert, but when your on the bus keep your mouth shut... Esp if you dont know the words or cant hold a pitch!Swinging out really wide for a turn. Needed when racing or turning really fast, but when you're scooting along at 5 mph its just lame (think si might agree with this one).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Human snowmen.

Human snowmen.
So this weekend i got a taste of a snowman's life. We went boarding at copper in a constant snow... All day long. Not great snow, actually it was more like falling slush, but to me any snow is better then no snow. Basically as you rode the lift you would become a snow drift. Collecting a good layer of snow. At the end of the day my beanie weighed like 5 pounds :).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Masters in Beer-ology.

Masters in Beer-ology.

So me and a friend were talking about degrees and i mentioned that if could get a masters is beerololy and came up with some ideas on requirements for this degree. I think i have come up with a more complete degree program.
You might need some pre reqs if you did not get your undergraduate in beer-ology however.
Pre reqs-
*Drink a beer from atleast two different families.
*Are of legal age.
*Hour of power.
Core classes-
* BGY5000 Century club.
* BGY5050 Edward 40 hands.
* BGY5621 Intro to beer bong.
* BGY5869 World tour (beer from asia, euro, na, aust)

Pick two of the following.

* BGY6201 Foundations of beer battering.
* BGY6202 Intro to blew-ology (visit a brew) .
* BGY6203 Principals of pouring (keg, tap, bottle, can).
* BGY6204 Game theory (master the art of pong).

Select an area of emphasis.

Master of brew-
* BGY 8010 Brew your own

Master of drink-
* BGY 8015 Palate refinement (identify beer by type)
* BGY 8016 Chug-ology (pitcher, shotgun, keg stand, tripple bong)
Capstone class-
* BGY9000 Ethics of the drunk.

The pic has nothing at all to do with the topic haha.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Where does the madness end?

Where does the madness end?I now think the downfall of man kind is not going to be disaster, famine, disease, or even polution. I now know the end of the world is near, because this thing is taking over the world. Almost everyone has atleast one with them like 24-7.

This weekend while i was snowboarding i almost crashed into someone who was not paying attn and decided to just plow into my path. The reason for their distraction? Bingo... They felt that they absolutely needed to have a little convo in the middle of the mtn.

Snowboarding is inherently dangerous enough, but throw in the added mess of the phone and its just insane. I will admit to having my phone on me on the slopes, but thats largely because its my mp3 player. And i have returned sms messages, but only on the lift where you just sit there.

The cell phone use flows into all the other dumb places you could use a phone. On the bus, in the car, in the middle of a fancy dinner. I feel like i have ranted about this before so i will move on.So this weekend i went back to am old friend. The wii! Got together with some friends and played some red steel and lotta wii boxing. It re sparked my love of the wii. A new mario game is dvd in a few weeks and i am psyched.

St pattys day was cool. The frees and andrew came up to boulder as my co worker and her crew were leaving me. I ran into my arch nemisis (in a good way). He was on swim team and we were similar in speed. He did the 200 and i did the 50 so we raced anything up till 200 and had a few epic 100 free battles. Good times. The pic was taken with my cool camera phone flash! Gotta start taking more pics when i am out now.Figured how to cover the led with poster putty that works like shit, but works well for the application... Cept the ugly color spot on the phone :(.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Plans... Yesterday at my grad school interview they asked quite a few forward looking questions. And i realized i still have no idea what the hell i am doing. After living roughly a third of my life and becoming an 'adult' a have no direction or purpose.

They asked things like where do i see myself in 5 years? And honestly i had no clue just mainly hoped to be living healthy and happy, but of course i came up with some better vision.

Can we achieve our fullest potential without all this planning? I feel like lot of people in about their every day lives and kind of go through the motions with no main goal except to make it through the day.

It seems like we could do more with a purpose. Like many of the greatest athletes... From what i know they dont become so great by going through the motions or by some blind luck. Most of then are fairly driven and are constantly working to be better/faster/stronger.

The problem is that life and sports are very different. It is quite easy to benchmark sports to see/ensure constant forward progress. Did i swim faster? Was i able to lift 20 more pounds? Did my shooting % increase? Simple yes no questions.

How do we measure our lives? One standard measure is income. Do i make more now then i did before? But i would argue this is a horrible measurement. Sure i made a shit ton more, but i also worked my ass to the bone.

Other measurements could be happyness or satisfaction, but this is so subjective and once again presents a problem... What makes me less satisfied today could lead to much greater satisfaction later.

I dont really know where i am going with this. But i still dont have this great life plan. Do you?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend adventures.

Weekend adventures.I branched out a bit this weekend. First on friday i crashed simons work ski trip to copper mtn. My first trip to the divide this winter! Also my first try testing my highly modified setup. All went well here.

After the skiing i went and watched 300. Not the greatest film of all time or even one that is really groundbreaking. It was tagged as the next matrix or gladiator, both of which are in my list of favs, but it fell short of the hype.

It was a solid film and well worth the money. Great action and cgi, but the downfall was lack of a real story and no character development at all. You dont even feel sad when the main character dies!The biggest new exp this weekend is that i became a bit more domesticated. For the first time ever i vacuumed the house. Dont get me wrong, i have vacuumed before, but never the house... Sad i know. But my excuse is my mom has this super fancy vac that i dont even know how to setup. My dad got a normal one from the flea market and once its working status was confirmed i had at it.
Go me!

I also tried the hardest thing in my swimming history this weekend. The 500 fly... A daunting task for any swimmer. I failed tho :(. I got so tired in the middle that i had to switch to freestyle for a while, but impressed all by maning up and finishing it up fly. Cant check it off the list yet, but least i went after it. In retrospect i think i could have completed the task, but when you're in the moment and your arms feel like jello and every wall you take a longer and longer break you start to get psyched out. When i was pretty tired and saw the number 7 on the counter (7 of 20) i actually got depressed lol.One cool thing i did learn is that i have managed to make some friends at these meets. On the far wall i had a little cheering section. And on the near wall someone was watching as well. I could hear some whistleing when i came up for air. That makes you feel good. I never realized that little things like that can matter... As a sprinter i dont get to hear shit.Anyway. Until next time kids i recommend the comedy of demitri martin the master of one liners.
Wish me luck at my admissions interview tomorrow morn!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smoke free is the way for me, but you?

Smoke free is the way for me, but you?

If you know me you know i am as smoke free as most anyone. I dont like smoking, dont find it attractive, and dont like to be around it. But i think the smoking ban goes too far.

I can understand some places that should be smoke free/even if they arent people should step outside.
Homes with kids, family restaurants, hospitals, public transport etc.
But there are places that are being unfairly banned. Bars is my number one... Most people dont go to bars to do healthy things anyway... Yes, Binge drinking and staying up late are not healthy ;). The establishment is full of only adults so there is no danger there. I feel like it should at minimum be up to the owner to ban smoking. Patrons can then use their economic right and in where they get the most benefit.I feel this is very fair to both owner and patron. And does not really put young ones at risk.

The next place on my list is somewhere like a bowling alley. I know this is somewhat of a family place, but once again i would encourage freedom of choice. A place like splitz would obviously can the smoke cuz its patrons are largely young/families. A smaller alley would vote to smoke because their audience is locals and bowling leagues (full of older people).

I just think this is government taking too much control... Hell some colleges are trying to ban ALL smoking, even if you are outside and not standing by anyone!

This issue is closely related to seatbelt laws... They should not exist either.

I just feel like giving away too many personal freedoms (esp ones that plain economics would solve anyhow) is a very gray area.

Remember the first time you ditched classes? Or drove home a little tipsy? You prob felt pretty guilty/nervous/were aware of it, but as you do it more and more it becomes less and less of am issue and eventually you dont see a problem with it at all.

First its seat belts, then its lots of freedoms for the patriot act in the name of terror, then its taking the right for business owners from choosing how to run their establishment... Where does it end? Will the government remove all restaurants and put in government controlled cafes that serve healthy approved foods? Take away cars since they are dangerous? Take away cell phones because terrorists use them?

Sorry got a little off topic :).

Monday, March 05, 2007


Trivia...What food product is sold in 99% of american grocery stores, has sold over 9billion units, has been around since the 1930s, and even has its very own museum?

Thats right. The product thats the brunt of many jokes. SPAM (guess it should be in all caps officially, which separates it from computer spam)

I feel a run this long is noteworthy... Esp since almost anyone you talk to denies eating the pork shoulder and ham canned meat product. No matter how hard you deny it the odds seem to be in favor of you eating it atleast once in your life. I mean its sold everywhere so someone must be buying this shit!

Well lets get honest here. I will get the ball rolling... I have indeed eaten SPAM and have survived. It actually isnt as horrid as its made out to be. I would still much rather eat real ham or pork or steak, but still. We have all eaten more mysterious meats without such a negative stigma.
The number one mystery meat i would say is hotdogs... That ingredient list is far longer then SPAM. Mystery meat number two is chicken nuggets (tho this has gotten better) when they werent all white meat... What were they? Meat number three those lunch meats that are perfectly round (think they are oscar meyer) but seriously when is the last time you saw such a round animal?
(Honorable mention goes to mc donalds and the really cheap $1 a scoop places)SPAM has even helped defend our freedom? It used to be served to soldiers since meats could not be delivered to then in battle. This is basically how spam got world wide popularity cuz surplus product ended up with locals.So next time you feel like making fun of the underdog of meat products make sure its for the right reasons... Not just to perpetuate stereotypes.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The vegas show review you have all been

The vegas show review you have all been waiting for!I will start with the big show. Since i know you all are dying to know. 'brand new day' by celion dion.I went in as optimistic as any 23 year old guy could. I would almost say i was looking forward to it. I heard good things and it has been one of the hottest tickets in town.

So a lot of it is much different then what you might have been expecting. There were some cool visuals. Flying props, a digital background (that blended extremely well), and lots of dancers.With all do that said. No matter how much they dress it up and how cool some of that stuff is eventually you get a bit bored (unless you are hardcore). And eventually you realize that you are listening to celion deion.

In the end i learned a few things... She isnt a big dancer, a man can only handle so much of her, and there was some pussy of a man in the front row (if was crying at the end of the show).We also went to the aquarium at mandilay bay. That was cool, but really sort. If i actually paid to get in i would feel severely ripped off. Learnings here - after all these years being in am aquarium freaks me out.

Bored by the runway.

Bored by the runway.So vegas was good. Was nostalgic to have a true family vacation again. But with the good there was also the bad and truely annoying. This was def my dryest trip in history... Had one drink at dinner and one momosa at brunch.This was not too surprising since i was with the fam and after the wine night.The gaming was crazy. I sucked it up at the bread and butter (roulette). But ended up salvaging a poor trip with some time and skillful play at the blackjack table. Really felt skillful tho. Hardly got dealt good hands. Had to hit and stay smart. The highlight was the 80 dollar hand at like 3 am. That was all my money. I could not bear to look. Then i get a pat on the back from my neighbor who says 'you got it!'. I look... See a face and an ace. Good way to double up. I got unlucky and lost 60 bucks the first night could have been even to 40 up. The second night lost 60 bucks in like 20 min. Then took another 60 out. Lost 20 on roulette. Then decided to play 21. 40 bucks turned to 150 which put me only 30 down on the trip, which is not too bad for how little i gambled. But still puts me in the red for the first time. But overall still like 7-800 up in my travels there :).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hell of a send off...

Hell of a send off...Last night for some reason we decided to bring the party. The night started with some DnB where i won the liquid dispenser. Best toy ever from there. Basically we decided to break it in my filling it with some vino... Then some more... And then a little more.All this while watching movies. It was like am ideal night. Good friends chillin and havin fun.Lesson learned tho... Bringing the party on a wed night hurts :). And now i am on my way to vegas for some more rough nights. Yikes. Should be good times.Next post will be right after i win a grip of money.