Monday, February 25, 2008


Its a travisty... How did there mythical beautiful seductive women get caught up in this whole mess of evil sounds. They would sing and lure sailors to certain death... Now sirens are a loud signal that is a warning for something.

Basically my beef isnt really with the word confusion, but after like 6 months of living in my apartment i am just sick of it. My apt is facing the road where apparently emergency vehicles drive by... Quite often... Several times a day... Including at night...

To make things worse work by one of the shadiest mc d's in the world, which naturally includes sirens seemingly all the time.

So basically i hear these so called sirens all the m f'in time. And i am here to declare i am sick of it and should i have a mental snafu one day i think it would be safe to say it is directly attributable to this.

Odd pic i know. Its just so cute... We will just say the dog is running away from the sirens cuz he dont like the noise either.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What movies say about us.

I have been looking at a list of the top movies of all time and found something as i was trying to categorize things as chick flicks or man films... There were lots of sequels to man films, but no chick flicks. And also the disparity between man films or more manly films to chick flicks was pretty big.

What does this mean?
For starters it could mean that men just like seeing the same thing over and over. Tho something like bond is pretty different every time, but something like die hard isnt so much.
Could mean that women see a movie and are kind of done with it. Tho my friend suggested it may be because all the movies end with a happy ending.

Maybe men really bond with the characters and thus in again and again to see what their lives end up like. And women see it as a story and at the end of the story they burn all bridges. But this would totally challenge conventional wisdom... And opens questions like if men develop attachments why are women always the ones crying?

Having more man movies suggests that men are always dragging women to go see movies... Tho all you normally hear about is girlfriends taking their dudes to go see some chick flick (could be because i am a man so thats all i hear). Or it could mean that men really cant find anything better to do then watch movies... I guess we could go dancing. Haha.

Anyway it could just mean that lots of people just like action movies and thats it, but thats not nearly as fun to think/write about.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One month to go...

Its that time again... One month before my big swim meet. Just state this time no nationals for me this year. But this year feels different, perhaps because it is different.
Currently i am planning for this to be my last meet indefinately. Which feels weird. I haven been training very hard, but the last few days as i am realizing the impending milestone i have been working my ass off.

This is not the last time i have thought i would stop swimming. Its actually the 4th lol. First at the end of hs. Next at the end of college. Then i thought i would be doing a one year goodbye tour in masters.

But now that i am short on money and considering taking another job and with graduation coming i think this could really be it.

But lately i have been thinking that i still have a few years till my athletic peak... And i am stronger in terms of how much weight i put up then ever... Tho i am in the worst physical shape of my life. But maybe i should just stay the course for a few more years.

Guess we wont know till i start to miss it or not in a few months.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sign #501 you're an alcoholic

You like your pb j's irish.

And it really does list liquor as an ingredient.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Night at home...

So much for staying home tonight... A-rod gave me a call and that apparently was enough to persuade me. My major learning for tonight... Everyone smokes pot. I however did not... People seem to think since denver made pot legal that its fine, i dunno how they dont understand that fed law trumps state law.
Anyway... I am tired. Hungry... Need some f in french toast.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sko fo sho?

All presidential runners come up with their dumb little slogans. One that i saw this morn was 'i like mike'. I thought it would be fun to think of a few for the occasion that i run in the future.
Go for Ko
Sko for mo(re)
Ko-nvert for the win
Lets do it in sko8
Lets Ko for the win
Sko's my bro
The head honch-sko.

Terrible i know

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lessons learned...
1. There are always more trains, busses, etc going the opposite way from where you are traveling.

2. Chili anything almost always sounds better then it ends up tasting.

3. People really have different taste in hotness... Maybe there really is someone for everyone... Either that or Seinfeld was right about alcohol.

4. Wearing the same clothes all weekend is about as appealing as it sounds.

5. Vices are rarely cheap.

6. You are what you wear. It sounds horrible, but its true... Based on what you wear people make instant judgements they dont even know they are making.

7. People spend way too much time being unproductive to honestly believe that working out takes too much time.

8. 6 foot 5 inches is really f in tall!

9. There is a really fine line between being confidant and being prideful.

10. Blogs are really a lot of work

Friday, February 08, 2008


In a world where we have drugs for everything even the most basic of tasks can be done with drugs... You eat too much? Drug up. You cant sleep? Drug up. Cant sit still? Drug up.

My whack theory of the day is that if jesus had another coming (operating under the assumption that he did in fact exist as written in the word), he would prob be diagnosed with some kind of mental disposition, which happens to be on the rise... Must be violence in video games. I am guessing he would be diagnosed and drugged up.

Feel free to tell me if i am out in left field on this one, but in todays craze honestly you could meet a person every day that wants to save you. Asking you if you've found god... To which you prob reply 'i didnt even know that i was supposed to be looking!'. And if your with a group of friends you prob have a good chuckle as soon as you are about 3 feet away.

What if one time one of those bums was not a false prophet? ... Hmm this is feeling too much like what if god was one of us... :)

Anyway drug free is the way to be... Was initially going to be some commentary on over drugging in the world, but ended up being a odd rant.