Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter wonder...

Winter wonder...Holy shit... Thats about all i can say. In the blizard conditions the bus station is packed to the max. I have never seen more people here in my life. Lines wrap around back near the start and back around again. You cant tell which is which unless you ask.Buses are being packed to absolute maximum capacity standing room only. It is pretty awesome.Good day to have am ipod or a cool music playing phone like your truely.Mother nature is crazy rad!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It irks me...

Things you can do to piss me off.1. Play that fergie song... I dunno just dont like it.

2. Dont use your turn signal and cut me off.

3. Stall talk

4. Randomly drift into my lane when driving.

5. Celeb trash magazines and those who really enjoy reading them. Honestly who the f cares?6. Stereo types. More often then not they are hundreds of years old and are wrong.

7. Losing at anything.

8. Pleated pants. It usually gives men the equiv look as a fupa (acronym ask if you dont know think its also called a pouch? I dunno)

9. People who only blame being fat on fast foods. It takes 2 to tango, but only takes you to get fat.

10. The feeling you get right after you clip your nails. Fingers feel so naked!... Closely related is burning your tongue.In other news i officially won my first meet with the high school team! 99-86 with only half our squad there. It was a surprise and made me feel good! Yay!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Early, duck, growing up.

Early, duck, growing up.So last night planning to work at 10 i decided to go to bed at like 130/2. But luckily i got the joy of getting a call to see if i wanted to work early... Damn you kt! :). O well least i get off early.

As you can see bowser got a new rubber bath toy buddy! I jacked him from the rec... He even squeeks!

Growing pains...They say change is tough. I am realizing that it really is! Lately i have been in talks with a buddy about moving into an appt together. Last week we found a pretty sweet deal. We found a place and the asking rent was just over 1k a month. Basically the place is 3 stories with an attached 2 car garage. Really nice. However the lease needed to be signed within the next few days. Theoretically this should pose no problem for me... Since i am living at home and could leave at any time.However it turned into this big thing for me. After being in the nest with almost everything taken care of for me the thought of moving out is weird. While having 'freedom' from the rents is nice the new prison of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and losing my large spendable income kind of sucks.
Now on the bus i thought about just how little has changed in the last few years for me. Living arrangements same, friends (largely) same, bob l still in my life, swimming even bigger part of life, females and prospects same.So to sum it up... Most major portions of my life strongly parallel the situation 6 years ago. So much for growing up eh?Anyway we missed the other appt but they have am opening at the end of jan and my roomie has decided he will cover month 1 of rent since i cant really move till like end of feb. I have a few days to think it through... We will see if i am ready for some change.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

SkoWii!!! And in other news.

SkoWii!!! And in other news.So i finally got the wii and i have no idea when i will ever play it. Seeing how i am out of the house for like 14 hours per day, but i will find a way to squeeze it in.I also made simons holiday season by giving him the 36th ps3 that the sony store got instead of selling it on ebay or keeping it. But it all works out since if helped hook up the wiiAnd in older news the first swim meet of the season was last week. Overall it went well even tho we lost. We held the score close till lack of depth on relays killed us at the end. I think i was a lot more nervous then some of the girls were. I know it sounds ridiculous for someone who is just going to stand around with a stop watch and yell at people to have any emotion, but it really is an easier thing to be a swimmer. See being a swimmer means you just go out there and swim as fast as you can. To me being a coach means that you kind of put your 'street cred' on the line. Like if we totally sucked then i feel that it would be a direct reflection on me as a coach.Anyway. The one thing that really freaks me out now is how far we are from state qualification times. After having some monster seniors last year almost anything that happens this year would be a let down, but my goals to have relays and one individual at state looks to be in limbo. More to come...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back in business

so tmobile decided to change my cell phones email address so my blog was posting to all these weird blogs every time i tried to post. heres everything from the past few weeks. with the FW:.

Fw: An early xmas present.

An early xmas present.So last night i got back from work. Got off the bus. Warmed up the car. Took like 20 min to scrape all the damn ice off and i was ready to get to some event at the school. My shoes had a bunch of snow on them so i kicked my tire to force all of it off... The tire gives... wtf?I might have neglected to mention that its now dark outside and like 5 degrees with a few inches of snow on the ground. To make matters worse my fancy ass decided i wanted to wear a suit instead of a real coat.Luckily my dad put gloves in my glove box for this exact scenario. So there i am changing my tire all alone with a bunch of people walking around. Not a single person asked if i needed help or anything. Quite lame. Anyhow least it made for am interesting night. Trying to not freeze to death while changing your tire is something we should all experience.

Fw: Warning... Potential loss of hearing

Warning... Potential loss of hearingCommunication isnt what it used to be. I feel like we have the ability to communicate with anyone anywhere at anytime, which is a huge plus. The problem that i see is that no one uses their mouths anymore. I admit to being guilty of this, but its true. How many messages have arrived too late or never at all because you sent an sms, email, or my space message instead of just calling?Times where people would traditionally talk are now being dominated by headphones. Look around any public transport or street and like everyone has their ears blocked.Maybe in the distant future talking will be a thing of the past. When we're in a group of friends we will all just think our thoughts into some chat room.

FW: What i am thankful for.

What i am thankful for.I dont think enough of us truely are thankful for anything on thanksgiving except for having the long break and the good food. While i fully enjoy these things i think that we should all do some reflection.1. I am thankful for my health and well being. I enjoy my god given abilities every day and could not do so w/o this.2. My friends and family. Basically those of you that take a few min out of your day to take am interest in my life and feelings. Your friendship and company are enough to keep anyone happy.3. My job and lifestyle. I am lucky enough to have a good stable job even tho its not in so cal its all good. I am also lucky (or unlucky to some) to have parents who want me in their home, which helps me have some money.4. Having sunny days almost every frickin day of the year.5. Other little things.
The bus, my trusty phone, having home cooked meals, living in a free country, nfl football.