Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where did time go? When did it get so cr

Where did time go? When did it get so crazy?
No bus ride on friday... So i guess this will make up for it.
I dont know why i am so philosophical these past few days. Prob has something to do with my mood. Just been a little down... Not doom and gloom i am going to end it (aka Emo haha). Just not peppy for whatever reason.
I dont know how/when this change happens, but it seems that everyone makes this subconsious decision to either A. Give too much of a damn. Or B. Dont care enough.
See when we were kids we all at some point just went after it. No fear of injury (physical or emotional), total disregard for consequence. Now we either think everything over and over... Or we just go balls to the wall and rock out.
Me, being the choice a type of person, have a great deal of respect for the opposite. Many people i have noticed dont share this feeling and usually end up talking a great deal of shit about them.
I am not in anyway calling my life complicated, but when did it become that way? So complicated in fact that i hardly ever make choices with out considering alternatives or consequences. Even something like what to shove in my mouth to satisfy my stomach. Used to be simple... Whatever the hell i wanted or that mom would put out for me. Now if i want to eat it can become am internal debate between healthy or not? Or cheap or cheaper? Now or later?
You can only imagine how other issues may get even more complex...
The kicker about the choice we all made unknowingly is that flipping on that choice is near impossible. No matter how many times i have told myself that i could flip i find failure. It just doesnt happen... We are programmed to resist change.
Prob a reason people booze up... Honestly for me being in that altered state brought out the flip side... If i wanted another drink then i would drink... If i thought my friends sister was hot for the past few years... We made out (no regret there :)). Not to say booze would do it... Just on the off chance became worth it.
Maybe someday i will sort this thing out maybe not. Anyhow happy friday... And tonight wherever i end up i will dance like no one is watching... Maybe :).


So i guess i have started to annoy my coworker with my 'woot's over messenger. Yesterday i guess she finally cracked and told me she doesnt like that word :(. Its like a staple of my messenger lingo... If such a thing exists. Anyhow, i suggested that i would start using 'Heah' or HE(ll) (ye)AH. Formed in honor of woot aka 'wow loot'. I guess looking at it now it looks like what a donkey says... O well.
Well shit nothing really happened yesterday. Just helped mom with turbo tax, which i was sad to discover is quite horribly designed, but thats a rant for another day.
Thursday is MY friday AND Oc night... Can life get any sweeter :).
Good luck to my friend who is getting 'surgery' tomorrow too.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

T-minus 10 days...

T-minus 10 days...
Last night after meeting up with some friends for some racketball I got home and went to bed early to get up for 530 swimming. Getting to sleep that early and after working out was pretty tough, but i finally dozed off... Until... Thats right... I got the drunk dial. Which was fun as always especially when it is 2 gals. Anyhow they ordered me to drive like 10 min away to meet up with them, but i declined. Then we got into this talk about me not being on spring break as the reason for my <> that night (everyone under 25 should get spring break imo) anyway... This got me thinking about why i did not go out. Was it the morning swim? Was i just tired? Or is it cuz i am almost 23, living with the folks and am, as much as i hate to say it, a loser? Lets examine the evidence.
As i look at my friends i have 2 engaged and ready for happily ever after, i have a whole slew that are attached... More than a few are pretty serious it this point... And countless others that enjoy the pleasure of what i will call casual encounters (aka random play). Me on the other hand... I got/get nothing. Between my <>ness when trying to talk to girls and my 'high standards' as some one recently told me i had (i dont think so)... And for what ever reason the constant is me alone, late at night, at my computer... Haha jk... I wont go there... Anyway i am always alone.
I feel i am a fairly good looking dude that is chill and am decent company... Do i just completely miss signals or do i not get any? Is living at home, hanging with the same crew, in the same old town just keeping me in a viciout cycle? Who knows... Mostly i prob just need to grow some kahones.
Anyway as my bus once again reaches its destination... I leave with one statement... I was going to write about my b-day how the hell did i end up here?... And by the by... I made it to swimming this morning.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Question. Where did all the men go?

Question. Where did all the men go?
It may just be me, but i have noticed a trend of social castration among males today. Let me just start by noting that i do not care about this situation... Just making an observation.
'Men' today resemble very little the men that our grandfathers even fathers (in some cases) were. Maybe it is just me, but i know far too many men that couldnt perform the tasks that an 8 year old boy scout can do. 'Manly' things... Fishing, how to properly set up camp, what to do if you encounter :said animal: in the :said climate:. Even more daily tasks like making fire or how to tie knots (excluding shoe laces fellas) we honestly have no clue. Ok...ok... Maybe 'outdoorsy' stuff is getting pretty irrelevent since soon we will over populate to the point there wont be a vast wilderness. What about more urban tasks. Whens the last time you... Fixed your car... Changed the oil???...uncloggede your toilet?...attempted to build something... Seriously... Anything... Furnature? Dog house? Bird house???... Yeah, its been a while for me too.
My bus ride is almost over so i cant even in into comparing us to pioneers or men from earlier ages. But let me say (especially to the dude i see knitting scarvs on the bus) maybe we as a gender should worry less about if the color of a shirt is salmon or pink and a little more about the pursuit of being a man. prob sums this up by saying

People often confuse being "a" man with being "the" man, but in reality the delineation couldn't be more clear. Being "the" man is a farce, a sham, a mockery of everything that is manhood. The fact that you have impressed your stoner friends by spooning wasabi paste into your ear may make you "the" man, but it certainly doesn't make you a man. It makes you a jackass, and significantly unworthy of talking to me."

Monday, March 27, 2006

March...The Madness before the Sadne

March...The Madness before the Sadness
There are no number 1 teams left in the bracket since sometime in the 80's? Wtf dude? Anyway my brackets are all fubar and thats all i have to say about that. My revised pick/hope to win it all is LSU. This Tyrus Thomas kid is f*in crazy and hella exciting to watch. Go Tigers.
The big kicker is i guess first place in the work bracket will win about $300 due to the number of brackets :(.