Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Workplace invasion...

So we all hear about the blur between work and personal life. Most stories revolve around work demanding more of us... And things like blackberry phones leaving people in touch 24-7. I see this point and it sucks... I personally hope to avoid the blackberry at all cost (we'll see how that works out).
My point for this is that i feel like the invasion is both ways. Technology has not only made it easy for work to consume us, but it has also made ways for us to bring personal into work. So back in the good old days you could leave your post to make a phone call, but it was quite obvious that you were doing some personal stuff. Or you could talk to other workers... Pretty basic stuff... Stuff that is fine at any job.
Now i see people on messenger at work, email, facebook, phone, cell phone, texting, i have even heard of people who work remote going grocery shopping. Now really we are all a bit guilty of stuff like this so can we honestly put all the impetus on the company? (i believe thats the first time i have ever used that word)
Yeah i know its a bit of a chicken egg situation... We need to do more at work cuz they want more of us... Or they need to work more cuz they are not productive enough.
I think work hours and expectations are getting a bit out of hand in all honestly. Assuming you get 8 hours of sleep a night. You are awake for 112 total hours in a 7 day week. Just 40 hours of work takes up 36% of that time. Throw in 1 hour of commute each day... 40% of your time... Add in an hour lunch 45%. If you add in other meals (put in 1.5 hours total per day) we spend 54% of our total awake hours working or stuffing our faces. Leaving us with about 4.5 hours on weekdays and 14.5 hours on weekends... I am not going to add in errands and getting ready for work since that would prob be depressing since it would show we only actually do what we want like 40% of our awake hours which is like 26.6 percent of our total living hours.

Anyway... Isnt that the biggest asian pear in the history of the world?!? I tried to eat it but failed... Tossed like a 5th of it away... Which incidently could have fed a family of 4 in some other country.


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