Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hollywood Magic

I cant take credit for the find, but i think its pretty interesting anyway.


click on "portfolio" link on the top menu

and see how the magic of hollywood happens.

I think its cool to see how the transformation happens with people who generally look flawless. Even people who play un-attractive people in hollywood are generally pretty decent looking. Anyway... we all put socks on one at a time right?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just how long is a quarter?

Just how long is a quarter?

I was initially going to write about my run today but discovered that this post works on many levels. Firstly how friggin cute is that game cover... Funny ass game and i cant wait to break it out.

Anyway i decided that i really need to step up the fitness there have been way too many weak excuses for me not going the last few weeks, but it all boils down to me being a weak unmotivated non spartan. So i decided my new workout mantra is 'until it hurts'. Basically every day no matter what the activity is i want to push... Well basically till it hurts. (O my god they are doing night road work right now and i can hear it... Gonna be a long night). A also want to avoid any sort of routine. So i used to do similar exercises on chest days, arm days, leg days etc etc. Well anyway it is a well known fact your body gets bored and plateaus. So i want to keep it on its toes and throw new things at it constantly. So today i decided i would run to start my leg workout. I start running and notice the game is on and the 3rd quarter had just begun. So i decided i would run the whole quarter... Mistake. You think 14:40 left not too bad. Wrong sir. Like game min had gone by and i had run like 10 min. To make things worse i kept increasing the incline and decreasing it to make things harder. With 7 game min left i almost quit, but somehow i kept going... Finally 2 min left... Mistake no 2. Lets run a minute on full incline... Ramp er up and i am dying. Minute over... And the machine wont decline any more... Whoops.

Anyway i ended up at a little under 44 min and 4 miles. So like 11 min miles pretty weak sauce, but that is the base of the pyramid.

The other reason this post works is because i finished my last finals today! There is nothing further i can do to save my grades. Tomorrow night is going to be mad down at 'the border'... Boulder is so lucky to have pearl street.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Woot. Well the pic is of me as the ru


Well the pic is of me as the russian 'brown baging' it or trying to since i didnt actually have paper bags we had to sub with brown plastic ones :). (Wasn't that sign number 423 that you're an alcoholic?).

Anyway i am excited not only because school ends in just a few days, but also because my fav time of year is coming round!
Now dont get me wrong... I HATE christmas songs as much as you all do and i have the fact that the whole time of year has really lost a lot of meaning since it is so commercialized, but i still love it.

If you know me you prob figure its cuz i really like to eat and there is so much good food during this time. And i will admit that is prob a fringe benefit.

But the real bread and butter for me is getting to see my family. I know i can theoretically do that all year long, but this brings back memories of when i was a child and like EVERYONE came home for new years. Sadly i feel like the fam is a lot more spread out and i dont get to see quite everyone anymore.

Also its a time of year i for sure get to see my sister and thats always nice.

I admit after you have been sitting around with your extended fam for hours and hours it does get a bit boring, but i think in the end i look back on the time as a positive thing and am always excited about it coming up.

So to sum it up i just want to say i hope everyone has a great holiday season and when you are stuck in... Lines at the store that go on for miles, an airport with 5 million other travelers, a road in a blizzard, in a room with a bunch of your family who are now getting on your nerves... Remember the spirit of the quarter.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another reason i am a bad asian. Anyon

Another reason i am a bad asian.

Anyone know wtf is in that container? I tried it and didnt really like it, but still could not identify what it was.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Cultural icon.
I like that people use ipod headphones on non ipod devices... Meaning it annoys me. The headphones are ok not really that great and you could get much better for the same money imo.
O well people will always buy for things for the pop culture appeal i guess. Like crocs, the armstrong bands, and the prius (sorry aw).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bottles and cans just clap your hands...

So that was the picture from the hockey game i was trying to post a few weeks back

Anyway onto todays topic...

There is nowhere to recycle at my apartment so I have been hording bottles and cans under my sink and kept ignoring taking them home to my parents house... this netted in the result that the whole area under the sink was completely full of bags of cans.

I finally decided i would remember to take them home and the end result was quite a bit of recyclables in my trunk. My parents were pretty shocked.

Last week of classes for the quarter!!! woohoo!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

so much for laying off the special sauce...

so apparently last night i went to a foosball tourney and cheered on some friends then went out and tried to mack on some ugly women then peed in the elevator and slept in the wrong apartment culminating in me getting kicked out with no shoes and with the threat of some old dude calling the cops

Saturday, November 03, 2007

another 2am post...

good times. i got 3rd out of 4th at bowling and alex got dragged out of coyote ugly like he wanted. LO you rock i am sure you had a part in that... but i did pay dearly for that shot... but i 100% in my heart think that NY skankies suck balls. so betweeen digging for the shot and making fun of jo it was worth it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

a game or A game...

a game or A game...

Fyi thats the pic i was going to post before when blogger was being a ho bag.
Anyway i was thinking about the eternal question... Hey why is that guy gettin more action then me? Anyway i started thinking not about game killers, but about the game.
I think everyone brings some sort of game even if they claim to not have one. When that hotty with the body that makes you wanna go potty (maybe i carried that flow out too far) walks in the room i think everyone brings out their game.
Maybe your game isnt ballin and suave, but you know its there. You might try and tell some funny jokes with your friends, or try and play it cool and be still, or you might just be a man and go talk to her (which brings out a whole nother level of games).
For example i dont think i have any game whatsoever, but by my thinking i think i do try to play it cool... maybe too cool... so cool in fact that i never talk to the girl haha. But when i do talk to them i bring the dumb jokes game.

What kind of game are YOU bringin?