Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Origin of things...

Origin of things...
There are some things associated with me that not everyone knows, but not everyone knows how it became a part of me. I will explain.
First we will start with a big one... The name 'sko'. This one goes way back to high school. This girl in orchestra class, who i found a little annoying at times started the name 'sko'. I actually did not like it at all and still am kind of am on the fence with it, but mostly only people i am cool with call me that so its cool and kind of neat at times.
'give me the rock' lol... Honestly i really dont know where the f i got this, but i started saying in on my 21st bday for no reason at all, but it is like my signature move now. People ask if they are 'going to see the rock' as a measure of will i get drunk. As far as i know there was no record of this statement in my pre 21 days.
<> aka 'the diamond'. Although many of you have been exposed to this throug me i can not and will not take credit for it. I stole it from the swim team i was on in college. I think i might be able to take credit for the giant flapping one tho...
'man up' or manning it up. Whatev. Anyway i guess this is like my tribute to my good buddy hung. When he wanted to inspire good play in basketball he would tell us to 'man up'. This is a recent thing... I think also started when i was 'wrecked' (for you hoff wilson).
I think those are some major things that may be associated with me. If there is anything else feel free to ask away.

Oh yeah... I know everyone wonders when/how i became such a bad ass... Thats just how i came out of the womb :).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That kind of weekend...

That kind of weekend...
So alex came back from japan and i guess we decided to switch to japanese time. Fri night we hit up some shuffle board up north. Then followed up with some mario kart, card games, and plenty of ' manning up'. After 4am i returned home. I could have slept all day, but had an appointment to help pick out tuxs for sambers wedding. Looks like a am wearing the fruity-ist color 'perrywinkle', but it is a cool color so its all good.
After that i took periodic naps through the day. Then rocked lodo that night.
We rented a hotel room for the night and it was on. Almost $200 later we had accomplished a full night out. Highlights include- lots of dancing, visiting netto, seeing someone from middle school at the bar, and getting kicked out of a bar.
But the night did not end. The russians and i kept the hotel rocking while the whiteys slept. We played some russian card game (that i still am not sure i completely understand) while rippin on some leftover wine.
The night ended with some russian drunken wrestleing (leaving alex bloody) and with one of the whiteys telling/yelling at us to go to bed.
All the fun culminated the next morning at checkout. Everyone looked pretty much how you might expect after such an epic night. Tired, hung over, and ready to rock out again, but not until the distant future.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The end of days as i know them...

The end of days as i know them...
So this weekend marks the start of my social hibernation. In anticipation of this moment and with the coming of my good russian buddy, i would like to declare that it is time to man up!
I have sunday off so saturday night will be when i store up enough adult fun, before i return to the world of hs girls :shiver:.

In other news... I have no clue how i will swim with my new sched, but i must. State records hang in the balance!
Random thought for today. What does it say about society if a fan who is taunting a player with racial remarks gets banned for a year, but a player with steroid use gets a 4 game suspension and a player who grabs another player and knees them in the groin gets absolutely no suspension!
What is the fuck?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mia yesterday.

Mia yesterday.
So yesterday i took my laptop to work so i could get it set up. So i forgot my headphones. Which was fine... I dont always listen to them, but because of this i had my first random conversation on the bus.
Apparently this dude is moving to japan for his wife and he has some interesting views to both countries. He was talking about people in the military being crazy. I mentioned that there are not too many other options for some people and if said he would rather have two jobs, one at mc donalds and one at taco bell before serving. Then he said if he still could not make ends meet he would also rather pick up a 3rd job cleaning toilets. Dizam.
My new obsession = shuffle board. Yes i know it sounds pretty lame, but i get into it. I recall lots of high fives being handed out last night. Damn you simon for getting me on the table top curling goodness.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I do it for the ___

I do it for the ___
Lots of people wonder why i keep a pretty crazy schedule year round. With the workouts and coaching my life is filled with hours upon hours of rec center fun.
3 days a week its the first thing i do in the morning. Soon it will also be the last thing i do at night 5 days a week.
For most people working out is just something they do to feel young, look hot, build confidance, stay in shape. Some where along the way working out became a way of life for me. I cant get enough of it. I love to learn new things about the topic. Hell i get pretty crazy if i dont do it for a while.
Maybe its because playing sports was not something my parents felt was important and i did not play organized sports. Maybe i am just a competitive freak. I cant quite figure why it is such a big part of me.
Why i continue is because i love the feel of competition. I love proving what i am made of. Taking down someone who is bigger or stronger or smarter then you is an amazing feeling. Having the feeling that your body is giving 100% toward a single effort is what i strive to feel. Training so your muscles can be on fire from fatigue longer then you would like to imagine.
My two fav parts of a meet. Warmup- everyone kind of has their own thing that they do to get ready. And they are all going about it at the same time.
Minutes to seconds before the race. When you know you should have taken a piss and you have that burning anticipation in the bottom of your stomach. Gotta get psyched... Gotta get psyched.
On the coaching end. Perhaps it is to get a bit of that feeling of competition. But seeing someone meet a goal or succeed beyond what they thought they could is another unmatched feeling. Helping people to get to those highs through all the possible lows is a challenge, but also rewarding task.
I always say i will do it till i stop having fun. And in the end i do it for the fun.