Monday, January 08, 2007

New coach. The new romo mania

New coach. The new romo maniaOk... So romo messed up the field goal... Big deal. He almost ran it in for the td! If the kicker could block a man romo goes from dud to hero.
I also feel bad for t.o. Everyone claims that if has dropped the most passes this season, but that is not am official stat... Of course if you only count his drops he will have the most!
Anyway...Lafayette finally hired a masters swim coach. The dude seems like he could be cool. Guess he has done a bunch of iron man races and looks in pretty amazing shape for an old dude. The swimming excitement is back!And as a side note... F the wind and snow. How is it possible to close roads in the city cuz of a blizard when it is not snowing!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Drowsymess may occur...

Drowsymess may occur...After having a crazy dream including... The swat team, some strange island, a battle with natives on the island, a girl from some college classes whom i've never spoken, and running for my life. And in general remembering a dream... I have hardly been sleeping at all. I keep finding ways to mindlessly stay up till like 130-2 am... Sucks.Something happened to one of my coworkers that is the very definition of 'its all fun and games till someones eye gets fucked up'. The word is that he has not returned to work since he was struck in the eye with a snowball on new years eve. This was no ordinary haha fluffy ball either. I guess it was some packed shit kinda icy. Anyway the word is that in ripped his contact into 3 parts and messed up his cornia. That is some whack stuff.
I am about to resume swim training for myself, but i find myself having 0 desire to do so. Maybe after a few years of living swimming i have finally burnt out... More to come...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another year another beer...

Another year another beer...The new year got off to a good kick. I dont particularly remember the strike of midnight. So much for not drinking too much cuz of family stuff :). Anyway i am happy to report that i did not vom and that i ate to my hearts content.I have started this new year with a surprisingly positive outlook. Considering i was feeling a bit down at close out the year. I am not big on resolutions, but i do have some things.
1-get back to school and kick some ass.
2-dominate the pool for the last time for a while.
3-trying to be a little less conservative.I have a feeling this is going to be a good year to be me.