Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smoke free is the way for me, but you?

Smoke free is the way for me, but you?

If you know me you know i am as smoke free as most anyone. I dont like smoking, dont find it attractive, and dont like to be around it. But i think the smoking ban goes too far.

I can understand some places that should be smoke free/even if they arent people should step outside.
Homes with kids, family restaurants, hospitals, public transport etc.
But there are places that are being unfairly banned. Bars is my number one... Most people dont go to bars to do healthy things anyway... Yes, Binge drinking and staying up late are not healthy ;). The establishment is full of only adults so there is no danger there. I feel like it should at minimum be up to the owner to ban smoking. Patrons can then use their economic right and in where they get the most benefit.I feel this is very fair to both owner and patron. And does not really put young ones at risk.

The next place on my list is somewhere like a bowling alley. I know this is somewhat of a family place, but once again i would encourage freedom of choice. A place like splitz would obviously can the smoke cuz its patrons are largely young/families. A smaller alley would vote to smoke because their audience is locals and bowling leagues (full of older people).

I just think this is government taking too much control... Hell some colleges are trying to ban ALL smoking, even if you are outside and not standing by anyone!

This issue is closely related to seatbelt laws... They should not exist either.

I just feel like giving away too many personal freedoms (esp ones that plain economics would solve anyhow) is a very gray area.

Remember the first time you ditched classes? Or drove home a little tipsy? You prob felt pretty guilty/nervous/were aware of it, but as you do it more and more it becomes less and less of am issue and eventually you dont see a problem with it at all.

First its seat belts, then its lots of freedoms for the patriot act in the name of terror, then its taking the right for business owners from choosing how to run their establishment... Where does it end? Will the government remove all restaurants and put in government controlled cafes that serve healthy approved foods? Take away cars since they are dangerous? Take away cell phones because terrorists use them?

Sorry got a little off topic :).


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