Monday, March 05, 2007


Trivia...What food product is sold in 99% of american grocery stores, has sold over 9billion units, has been around since the 1930s, and even has its very own museum?

Thats right. The product thats the brunt of many jokes. SPAM (guess it should be in all caps officially, which separates it from computer spam)

I feel a run this long is noteworthy... Esp since almost anyone you talk to denies eating the pork shoulder and ham canned meat product. No matter how hard you deny it the odds seem to be in favor of you eating it atleast once in your life. I mean its sold everywhere so someone must be buying this shit!

Well lets get honest here. I will get the ball rolling... I have indeed eaten SPAM and have survived. It actually isnt as horrid as its made out to be. I would still much rather eat real ham or pork or steak, but still. We have all eaten more mysterious meats without such a negative stigma.
The number one mystery meat i would say is hotdogs... That ingredient list is far longer then SPAM. Mystery meat number two is chicken nuggets (tho this has gotten better) when they werent all white meat... What were they? Meat number three those lunch meats that are perfectly round (think they are oscar meyer) but seriously when is the last time you saw such a round animal?
(Honorable mention goes to mc donalds and the really cheap $1 a scoop places)SPAM has even helped defend our freedom? It used to be served to soldiers since meats could not be delivered to then in battle. This is basically how spam got world wide popularity cuz surplus product ended up with locals.So next time you feel like making fun of the underdog of meat products make sure its for the right reasons... Not just to perpetuate stereotypes.


Blogger DateONaut1 said...

I have never eaten SPAM. I have never slandered SPAM before either though.. but now, NOW! I shall go forth and speak of SPAM to all that will listen! Oh glorious SPAM! Even your name makes me hungry... or maybe that is due to the fact that it's lunch time.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Simon said...

Ah, so now I know where this convo came from...

11:24 PM  

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