Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random musing...

Random musing...
I just landed to tx and am waiting for the shuttle to my hotel. So why not write?
Never have i ever...
Had a hot nurse
Had a hot flight attendant
Understood why people bomb out of the plane since we all meet to wait by baggage claim anyway.
Worn a cowboy hat and not felt like a jackass.
So this weekend should be exciting. I am hoping i swim some bomb times and have fun doing it.
The great adventure tomorrow will be buying a suit... One of my dreams has always been to try one of those fancy suits the olympic swimmers wear. If all goes right hip to ankle should be covered in the finest technology speedo or arena has to offer... No worries tho i will still be shaving the legs... Its a tradition.

Well i am off! Shuttle is here.


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